APS Budget Plan... Grr!

15 years ago

I'm a little ticked... At the end of summer '04, after a few $300.+ electric bills, I signed up for their budget plan. My payment was suppose to be $92.00/month. That was fine. The following summer it rose to $114.00. Now it's up to $138.00. Normally, during the non summer months, beginning in Oct. thru May, I use between $50-$60 worth of electricity. By choice I walk around in the,use no heat, again by choice, try to conserve wherever I can but I still get increases. Is there any way to win this game? Granted $138.00 isn't sky high but why try? I'm talking about a 2 member household using those energy sapping dishwashers and clothes dryers once a week and an evap cooler during part of the summer. I can't imagine what the bill would be if there were 3 or 4 energy using kids running if I was older and on a fixed income. Oh, well. Just mad 'cause I got an increase.

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