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Another deer repellent idea to try

22 years ago

I have been watching with great interest the extreme efforts a friend has made to repel deer. Nothing worked. She tried them all. Her problem is so severe that the deer climb ten steps onto the porch and attack her hanging baskets.

This spring she was in K-Mart and spotted an inexpensive form of the blue Tidy Bowl gizmo that you hang in the toilet tank at about $.50 apiece. Desperate to solve her deer problem she bought a few and hung them in places she wished to protect. Deer damage stopped.

Feeling brave she then planted a row of begonias along the front of the house and placed several of these blue toilet sanitizers just under the pine straw mulch. No deer damage to date after two months. Other nearby gardeners are now trialing her discovery with reported good results.

This idea is worth posting for a larger group to experiment with and report observations.

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