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Fusarium Wilt control. Ideas and steps taken

13 years ago

Hi folks,

I've been struggling with fusarium wilt for several years. I only have a small area to garden so rotation isn't an option. I've tried solarization, but this isn't an ideal choice since getting it on for the hottest part of the year means skipping a summer crop. I've heavily composted the soil. Are there any other suggestions out there?

This year I will be growing 8 tomatoes in earthtainers. With care this should give me some disease free tomatoes and also serve as a comparison to in-ground.

Most advice on wilt control suggests using resistant varieties. I've tried this in the past, but frankly I don't notice much difference between the "resistant" varieties and my favored heirlooms. However, do you have some variety suggestions? I will be planting Cherokee Purple (has done the best in the past), Stupice (may not put in ground), knin (a Serbian variety that has got wiped out in the past), and ox heart (another "Serbian" variety).

All advice and ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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