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How to attractively attach a wide interior threshold?

12 years ago

My husband just spent the past two days making a couple of rather gorgeous (I think) custom fit thresholds for a room we are finishing. The first one goes between a floating floor and tile. The second one goes between two rooms with floating floors where the subfloors were slightly different heights. He's allowed for the expansion of the floating floors and the transition feels very smooth between the various flooring materials and heights.

I have two questions now for anyone who might have an opinion about such things. First, what would be the most attractive way to attach these thresholds? I think we want to screw them down and maybe also glue them. Should we use brass screws and leave them showing or should we do something involving plugs? Neither of us have any experience with this but we are both fairly handy. Anyway, that's the main question.

The second question is about getting the thresholds to look less pink. They are red oak and the flooring is white oak. I was thinking of staining them to sort of match the dark areas of the flooring to make them look more brownish than pink or orange. Would a darker stain help to remove the pink? I definitely don't them to end up looking like cherry - darker but still pinkish. I'm going to try out a couple of those sample stains tomorrow, but if someone has had good luck disguising red oak to look like a darker version of white oak, I'd love to know what stain color was used.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog post about our new thresholds

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