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Where to buy LG washer- customer service?

11 years ago

I was planning on buying from Best Buy or Sears, but neither store has the LG washer I'm looking at in store, only online. My local independent appliance retailer doesn't sell LG. I did get to see the LG waveforce at Home Depot in person, but I have had a few issues with HD in the past from a remodel, and not thrilled about using them.

I got to thinking, if I'm going to order online at Best Buy or Sears, is there anywhere else I should consider? I've never bought anything like a major appliance purchase online, so it's a bit scary for me!

I'm less concerned about getting the rock bottom price, and more interested in who has the best customer service should something go wrong with installation, or if the machine dies in the first few days, am I stuck with it unless I have an extended warranty? Other than delivery, installation and possible extended warranty costs, are there other costs that go with an online purchase that I should be aware of?

Where have you bought online, and have you been happy with customer service after the install? Please, no bashing of retailers.



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