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June 28, 2007

We asked a glass company to submit prices for replacing the glass in our windows. Our windows are currently 15 years old and the only thing good about them is that they are dual pane. We are looking to upgrade them to save energy. The glass company would replace the dual glass panes for about $8500 with low e glass with a 5 year warrenty. They also offered replacement windows with a lifetime warrenty with low e argon filled dual pane windows. One of the companies was Oldcastle - has anybody heard of them???

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  • oberon476

    Oldcastle is primarily a glass company - not a residential window company.

    It is probably the largest glass "fabrication" company in North America - with about 50 plants in the US and Canada - and fabrication meaning that Oldcastle buys glass from one or another of the major glass manufacturers and then produces "finished" glass products such as coated, tempered, laminated, IGU's for distribution.

    Oldcastle is first and foremost a commercial or architectural glass supplier - and secondarily a residential supplier. The majority of their glass business ends up in strip malls, small to medium size commercial buildings, and various other light to medium commercial structures.

    Oldcastle is owned by CRH plc, an Irish holding company, who has been aggressively buying up medium and small glass fabrication companies for a number of years and putting them under the Oldcastle "name umbrella".

    Recently, Oldcastle has been looking more toward the residential market, but they haven't been very successful in direct competition with Cardinal who "controls" a good bit of that market. So, in typical Oldcastle fashion they began looking for small to medium window companies that were either not doing very well or were borderline successful in order to move more into the residential market.

    In late 2006, Oldcastle bought Fulton Windows a 28 year old residential window manufacturer in Ontario and began producing the "Oldcastle residential window".

    As to the first question - don't even consider a window with a glass package warranty less than 20 years - 5 year warranty means that it isn't worth your time or trouble.

    Second, while "lifetime" warranty sounds great - and in some cases can be a great warranty - be very sure that the company offering the lifetime warranty is actually going to be around to support it for the lifetime in question.

  • tiggsy

    Hi, are there any newer reviews or users of old castle windows?

  • millworkman

    They are not in the residential business from what I know. They make typically commercial aluminum windows that are sometimes used residentially but a listed or sold as a residential window.

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