Cause of smoke stains on wall - Picture

6 years ago

The chimney cleaner will be here in a few days. He's familiar with smoke stains on walls next to a FP, but when I showed him this picture he said it was a concern.

A little back story. We had two ice storms back to back and was without power for almost a week each time, between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

We went through two ricks of wood, the last rick was wet and a bit green. Not good, but we had no choice.

We also had a lot of downdraft smoke, but that could be from high winds. Air pressure wasn't an issue, we have an opening to the outside next to the FP, and would open a window.

I'm wondering if maybe we had a small chimney fire because of the shape of these smoke stains.

Also, take a look to the left of the FP about an inch away. There is a brownish water stain that runs vertical about a 2' long.

I noticed the stains when I was trying to get that dust bunny down. lol

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