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new tile floor discoloration

May 8, 2018
We have a new tile floor that is discoloring. It is a strange thing. Have tried scrubbing with bleach and softscrub with no movement. Put hot blower fans on and no movement.....this happened probably the 3 rd of 4 th Time using the shower. It is in a guest bedroom seldom used.

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  • PRO

    How did the shower pan flood test go and did you verify proper drainage afterwords?

    what was the ANSI spec of the mortar used to stick tiles and did you first do a soak test of the penny rounds to make sure the adhesive on the mesh didnt re-emulsify.

    Lastly depending on grout/adhesive type brand and the waterproofing used you likely shouldnt be using bleach.

  • PRO
    Creative Tile Eastern CT

    Call the installer back. You should not be addressing this issue. Once you touch it you own it.

  • Eric

    This happened to me. I bought a sealer/stainer that seems to have worked.

  • PRO
    Avanti Tile & Stone / Stonetech

    You have a shower that, simply put, wasn't done properly. Either there is a drainage issue, the weep holes are obstructed, the area around the curb doesn't have a proper slope to drain or they simply put the rubber liner flat on the floor with no preslope. Any and all of this dictates a rebuild of your shower. I see this often, and it reflects badly on those of us that do a proper job.

    Now, you are looking at a rip out of, at minimum, the floor...and, if you'r lucky, a row or two of tiles on the walls to tie in the (if any) waterproofing. Folks say, "I got a good deal." Well...you DIDN'T if you have to rip it out and do it properly.

  • PRO
    BMF Construction

    Most likely the pan is leaking/ water proofing issue (as indicated above) may not have lapped membrane system up/over the curb, among other things. If so, must take out pan and install new.

  • hcbm

    I don't know if this Changes anyone's answer, but the floor discoloring is not traveling. It is contained within the shower. There is a reflection on the glass. The bathroom floor is a larger square format tile.

  • shelleybelljones
    And it doesn’t seem to lighten or “dry” out...even with hot air blower going for hours. when shower stall floor is wet you can’t tell where it is...then the rest drys and these markings remain.
    My contractor is stumped. He thought it might be some chemical reaction to the penny tiles.

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