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Can your tomato plant survive after blossom end rot?

Ashleigh Davis
September 4, 2018

This is my first season growing tomatoes and I have noticed dark brown spots on the bottom, did some research and discovered I had blossom end rot (Actually my four year old daughter did, she can see underneath the plants way better than I can) Can this be reversed? I'm in zone 5b and we're entering Fall/Winter, how much time/money should I invest in fertilizing and consistently watering my tomatoes plants back to health. I've been pulling the ones that are still nice looking and making fried green tomatoes. Haha.



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  • digdirt2

    Can your plant survive it - yes. Can it be prevented - yes. Reversed - possibly if discovered early enough.

    For most of us it is only an early season issue and easily corrected. This late in the season your odds of getting unaffected fruit are slim unfortunately regardless of what you do simply because there is so little of your growing season remaining.

    BER begins to develop very early in the fruit's development, while it is still green and growing. So even tho the symptoms are not apparent, much of the damage has already been done. That is why consistent soil moisture levels is so important early on. It's also why container plants, unless grown in exceptionally large containers, are so much more prone to BER. And lastly, some varieties are more prone to it than others.

    Better luck next year.


  • Ashleigh Davis

    Awww man! Thanks Dave.

  • vgkg Z-7 Va

    Hi Ashleigh, are your tomatoes in the ground or potted? My worse BER problems were back when I potted up my tomato plants, uneven watering was the main cause especially as the plants got big and thirsty. Hope yours recover before your first frost.

  • Shule

    One thing you might consider is getting a prolific variety that fruits primarily after the BER generally has done its worst.

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