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you know those plants you bother to drag in/out?

rob333 (zone 6b/7a)
January 11, 2019

I have been leaving/going home in the dark and forgot them all outside. I just realized that I likely have all dead tender perennials. Aw.

I is a sad puppy.

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  • FrozeBudd_z4

    Yes, that has occurred to me many times, out of sight out of mind! I now often will leave a note on the table as a reminder .... "PLANTS OUTSIDE!"

  • texasranger2

    Frankly, I quit bothering with them except for a few large cactus in big pots. Its impossible to forget them because they sit in a conspicuous spot by a wall close to the door all summer. We have to get the dolly out and sort of roll and twist the pots inch by inch maneuver them onto the dolly (impossible to lift the pots) and roll them inside. They don't get watered again until spring when we move them back out in front that wall early enough that it still casts a shadow which gradually gets smaller before the sun gets too far south and cooks the skin on them which is more of an issue than the fall thing. One year I had to cover them in sheets for a while to let them gradually adjust to the sun which was a PITA.

  • rob333 (zone 6b/7a)

    I just bought this house three years ago. I was keeping some to make cuttings so there'd be enough for a bare yard... Only reason why :) I hear ya texas!

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    depending on the plant .. all you might have done.. is force dormancy .... ugly as heck.. they may not be dead .... could they really have been FROZEN so deeply.. to kill the roots???? .. there is a big difference between a frost and a kill freeze ...

    but i would stop dragging them outside .. until they recover ...

    what plants are you talking about ...


    rob333 (zone 6b/7a) thanked ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
  • rob333 (zone 6b/7a)

    I haven't seen them yet. I just realized it on day 2 of below freezing temps (twenties). We had 65+ degree stuff last week. I had Catharanthus roseus that were huge and glorious white blooms by the end of the season, so I wanted to get a jump start. Heliotrope that never did bloom until really late. And had finally gotten tall enough. I am seeing a trend here... mandevilla, calibrachoa, some Salvia coccinea that were doing well and a Helichrysum petiolare that was finally doing well. I'll see when I get home today. I'll drag them back in and hope for the best.

  • Campanula UK Z8

    pffft - plenty more where they came from. At least here, the majority of neglected perennials are easy-peasy things like osteospermums, arctotis and salvias while nit-picky citrus, lemon verbena and agaves just have to face the climate lottery. Also, I need the space since the next generations are filling the whole greenhouse and most have not even had a first pricking out. I do lose plenty of things over winter, including plants which are badly missed - daphnes for example. Worse (for shame), the weather is probably less of a problem than my erratic care (especially hand-watering the many vulnerable plants at various stages of development) Even so, the the most attrition, by a long way, happens during summer when I am overwhelmed by the numerous unplanted seedlings resulting from demented hoarding and sowing far, far too many seeds.

    eta I think I lose more plants which are placed under (tenuous) protection in the damp and freezy greenhouse than the plants left to fend for themselves outside (basically ignored) whereas I feel the greenhouse plants are more dependent on me (poor sods) which is a bit of a handicap since I am negligent and idle when the sofa calls...apart from sporadic guilt induced moments of fervour when I (ahem) overcompensate.

  • rob333 (zone 6b/7a)

    Mixed bag. For sure lost the heliotrope (drat, drat, and drat!) and helichrysum.

    Probably lost the mandevilla. The rest looks sad, but I'll be ok. I'll get a heliotrope plant. Not waiting on seeds again :)

    Thanks for commiserating and encouraging me!

    Camp, that's how I kill my babies, mostly. And I'm always going to water better. Never happens ;) I feel sorry they don't have legs cause I know they would run away from home.

  • functionthenlook

    I remember to drag in the plants, but I don't remember to water them. I put the plants in the gameroom. When I was working from home my desk was in the game room so I remembered to water them. Now that I am retired and don't go in the gameroom that much I always forget to water them. I just hope they make it till summer and I can throw them outside again.

  • katob Z6ish, NE Pa

    I always find a pot or two that I forgot. As long as I find it before the pot cracks it's usually no big deal losing the plant. There are always more where that came from, but the pots can get a little expensive!

  • geoforce

    About the only tender perennials I grow many of outside are the ornamental sweet potatoes (Ipomoes) of which I grow a dozen or so different ones. These I wait till the top gets killed off then take the pots in and next Spring, unpot and replant the tubers. All others are strictly indoor year around as I hate battling off the insect pests they accumulate if placed out.

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