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Found My Slab- Taj Mahal!

May 14, 2019
last modified: May 14, 2019

After speaking to my fabricator and him telling me the Mont Blanc was a soft quartzite, I went to went to MSI this morning and found a beautiful slab of Taj Mahal.

I had not considered it before because the other slabs I have seen were gold and brown looking and I really didn't want something that had those colors as dominant in the slab.

This one had a lot of grey. I love that it has both the tan and grey with some brown thin lines going through but it is not the dominating color. I saw another slab and it was mostly brown.

The brown square at the bottom of the first picture is the cabinet color for the guest bathroom. The master bathroom vanity will be walnut and the laundry possibly grey. That tile you see on the bottom is the tile I had picked out for the mud room and laundry room. What do you think of the slab?

Comments (32)

  • cpartist

    Beautiful slab but I don't see it with the pebble look in the bathroom

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  • stir_fryi SE Mich

    I love Taj Mahal and that slab is stunning, but isn't also a soft quartzite? Just asking.

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  • localeater


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  • PRO
    Jeffrey R. Grenz, General Contractor

    Taj Mahal is very nice!

    2018-19 El Dorado Hills Ridgeview Village · More Info

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  • suzyq53

    Its awesome! But be very careful with the template.

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  • AJCN

    Beautiful! I love Taq Mahal. Your slab looks just like the one we recently installed. I did find that, in our case, it looks really good with a soft white cabinet. I think it will look really nice with your walnut vanity. I'm not sure about gray because we didn't try pairing it with that color. Maybe a light-to-medium greige that leans more warm will work rather than a very cool gray.

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  • NewEnglandgal

    Thanks everyone.

    CP not using that pebble anymore. Going to change it out.

    stir_fry Taj Mahal is one of the stronger quartzites actually. I made sure to ask my fabricator.

    Jeffrey very nice!

    Suzy what do you mean be careful with the template?

    AJCN I agree about the grey cabinet. I will have to check out other colors. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Now onto finding a nice dining area light that goes with my pendants! I was told I had to get rectangular light for a rectangular table. Hmm.....

  • gthigpen

    It’s gorgeous!

  • cpartist

    Suzy what do you mean be careful with the template?

    Don't let the fabricator decide where seams, etc are or even where you want any interesting parts of the stone.

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  • suzyq53

    Yes, you need to meet with the fabricator to tape the templates (cut-outs traced for your exact cabinet bases and showing where the sinks go) onto the stone. When you do that its important to consider the pattern in the slab. Most people would probably want the nicest cut for the largest run or on an island. In your case, maybe its the master bath? See how that slab has two or three natural fissure on the right? If you put a template there vertically, your top will have pattern running front to back. For the longest run you will probably need to go horizontal but the pattern doesn't run the whole length. The typical slab is 120"x55" or jumbo 130"x65". If you can draw out your tops with the dimensions and you tell me the size of the slab, I could give you some ideas.

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  • amazon4

    congrats! TM happens to be my fav, and I searched high and low to find ours (it was in short supply when we were looking). We needed two slabs for our kitchen.

    Agree that you need to be there for the templating. When we arrived they had their version ready for us, and we didn't like the one seam placement. We worked on it for close to an hour and got a perfect layout. The seam is nearly invisible - couldn't find it if you didn't know where to look. You can also be sure to avoid any spot(s) you don't like.

    Color wise, I find it can go either a little warm or cool because of the browns and grays in it. It's forgiving that way IMO. I agree with one of the comments above - stark white doesn't work with it. Our cabinets are actually a softer white (designer white I believe).

    Here's a couple of pics - we haven't moved in yet, so it's pretty bare, except for the contractors pile in the corner ;-)

    House · More Info

    under cabinet lights at night - I think they're 3k led.

    House · More Info

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  • Anna

    NewEnglandgal - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pendents! Where did you get them?

    The slab is LOVELY, it is all coming together for you - how exciting.

    Rectangular lights for a rectangular table? that is the 1st I've heard of that.

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  • Anna

    Amazon4 - under the cabinet lights are a really good idea, you kitchen looks lovely!

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  • One Devoted Dame

    I was told I had to get rectangular light for a rectangular table.

    I think it's *easier* to pair a chandelier with a table when the shapes are the same. I've been looking for nearly 2 years for a chandelier (rectangular or linear/kitchen island) to go above my rectangular table, and I haven't found anything yet that both my husband and I can agree on.

    The trouble I have with round chandeliers is that it seems like one is insufficient (it looks unbalanced to me, to have the ends of the table so open, with something hanging smack dab in the middle), two gives me visual ping pong problems (which one do I look at? this one? no that one? no back? no back again?), and three looks too cluttered. :-/

    Sigh. I am cursed.

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  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    Beautiful choice, seems to be the colors you are looking for! Great contrast with the cabinetry!

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  • NewEnglandgal

    gthigpen Thanks so much!

    Suzy I absolutely am meeting with the fabricator to pick out where to template will go for all three countertops. I believe none of the three will need a seam. My interior designer used her program to show me the three countertops on the slab and she said it should be just fine with extra.

    Are you saying I should try templating front to back on the right? Id have to see the width of the slab. I never thought to do this.

    Right now I am getting ready to hold a big fundraiser for a coworker with cancer. After this weekend I will get the measurements to you. I know my master is 72" (It has a bump out) by 25."

    My vanity base for the guest bathroom is 36". I am not sure on the laundry room.

    The slab I need to look up but remember her saying the size was 122"x something. lol

    Anna, Lamps Plus Cora 11". 199.00 each. Thank you for your kind words.

    Amazon beautiful kitchen! You must be so excited to move in!

    One Devoted Dame I hear ya! Been looking for many months. Nothing wow's me. I look at everything and think "eh."

    LB Interiors thank you so much. It is a beautiful stone.

  • One Devoted Dame

    One Devoted Dame I hear ya! Been looking for many months. Nothing wow's me. I look at everything and think "eh."

    Seriously, I get so frustrated sometimes, that I feel like screaming, "Why, oh why, is the world plagued with so many danged ugly light fixtures?!?!?!"

    My husband offered to make one (again). I will probably take him up on it.

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  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    I have Taj in our kitchen and I love it. Beautiful stone. Very hard stone. Those slabs look great. Our island has painted base cabinets in a gray/blue. Our peripheral cabinets are dark wood and the combination looks great. I think I have a photo. Bbl
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  • NewEnglandgal

    One Devoted Dame If someone offered to make me one I would not even know what to ask for. I just know when I see it, I'll know. :) Do you at least have it narrowed down to shape or somewhat a look? I did find this light and have been considering it. it comes in two sizes. I agree I would not want two lights over my table.

    My next search is for a mirror for my master. I can get a mirror with a beveled edge if I cannot find anything that hits me.

    Flo your kitchen sounds stunning! I would love to see your kitchen. Do you love it?

    I never considered Taj Majal because all the slabs I had looked at looked much more tan and brown and I needed something with some grey in it.

    Now I need to figure out what color cabinet to go with the Taj in my laundry room. This is the floor tile that will go in my laundry room. It is such a beautiful soft grey. I am using the solid grey as a border. That tile will be in my mud room as well. I need suggestions for cabinet colors. I was thinking a very light and soft grey?

    The slab is going in my master and guest bathrooms and laundry room but not my kitchen. I should not have any seams.

    I have Silver Grey granite going on my perimeter (see Silver Grey in picture below). I wanted soapstone but not the maintenance. I think this looks pretty darn close!

    I will have BM Balboa Mist perimeter cabinets with the Balboa Mist and SW Sea Serpent for my island with leathered Wicked White (basically Super White)for my countertop. I really wanted the plum for my island but it just did not look good with my counter top choices and the BM Shadow on my cabinet sample looked like Barney purple even though it looks so dark on the chip and on a wall.

    I am very happy with all my choices now and think it will look great together. I am doing brushed brass handles.

    This is the SW Sea serpent color below. I love it. It is such a pretty blue.

  • cpartist

    how about repeating the sea serpent for the mud room cabinets?

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Look at Virginia Mist or Jet mist. Closet look to soapstone and much easier to maintain. They are granite and you could get honed finish if you like that. The one you pictured above is very dated look.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    I will try to get some photos today. Sun isn’t cooperating though.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Hope these pics help you.
  • One Devoted Dame

    One Devoted Dame If someone offered to make me one I would not even
    know what to ask for. I just know when I see it, I'll know. :) Do you
    at least have it narrowed down to shape or somewhat a look? I did find
    this light and have been considering it. it comes in two sizes.

    I really like the fixture you pictured up there (Kichler's Dover) with modifications (I'm a total basket case and don't like seeing exposed bulbs, lol), but my husband said it was too fancy. Much of what I really really like is too girly. :-/

    My husband offered something like this as inspiration, and since he's a hobby woodworker -- combined with my dad being an electrician -- it should be doable:

    Ballard Designs - Arturo

    I'd prefer some swirly gigs on the inside corners of the rectangle (when viewed from underneath), instead of those iron strappy things, as well as a wider base for the "pillar candles" to sit on (can't have candles teetering on the edge of anything, even if they aren't real).

    So, hopefully, we'll have something done soon. I'm tired of waiting. ;-)

    Are you still doing a plum island?!?! Or am I confusing you with someone else? lol Taj Mahal would look great with plum, I think!

  • NewEnglandgal

    One Devoted Dame yes I wanted that plum island but it just did not go with my countertops and when I got the BM Shadow sample cabinet it looked awful! I didn't believe it was the right color but when I put it up to the color chart it matched. The blue looks so nice with both counters and cabinets. My husband is relieved, he didnt like the plum.

    I like your chandelier. I do like the one I posted above but am going to wait a bit and see how I feel.

    I am almost at the "I dont give a shit anymore" point lol

    I stopped at my cabinet place and found a cabinet for my laundry room that is much like my perimeter cabinet in my kitchen that I like a lot and it looks nice with the grey floor because it pulls from the creamy white in the tile.

    CP I considered both the blue and also the walnut but the grey tile I love would not look right.

  • PRO
    Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath

    Taj Mahal is indeed such a glorious stone! Great advice from your fabricator and beautiful choice. Congratulations and good luck with your project!

    NewEnglandgal thanked Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath
  • shead

    Taj Mahal is beautiful! I need to check on that!

    Flo, your kitchen is lovely. I do find it ironic that one of the "Pros" broke a kitchen forum rule and put their cooktop in their island ;) You rebel...lol!

    NewEnglandgal thanked shead
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Haha! I didn’t design this kitchen we are leasing but a wonderful home. The owner is very talented and love her style of Country French. So just wanted to set that straight. Haha. If I redid this I wouldn’t put stove top in island. It is so much messier.
  • ILoveRed

    Love the Taj Mahal. Can’t go wrong with this beautiful stone.

  • kriii

    That slab is lovely!

  • lwh02

    We used Taj Mahal in our kitchen reno three years ago and I still smile every time I look at it. It does play nicely with white and grey/greige. This is the combo we used:

  • NewEnglandgal

    Thank you everyone! Flo, AKA Ms. Rebel, my last home had the cook top in the island and I didn't mind it one bit! Now I will have the sink in the island. There is just the two of us and I do dishes before I even sit down to eat so not much mess.

    LWH02 We looked at a cabinet similar to the one on the right and it looked fantastic with the Taj Mahal slab but the cabinet color did not look good with my grey tile so am going to go with the lighter color for my laundry room. I initially thought I could use left over counter from my Wicked White island for the laundry countertop (my fabricator thought we might be able to squeeze it in) but my interior designer and I put it into her program and found it would be nearly impossible so this is why I am now looking for a new countertop AFTER I had picked out the tile. Unfortunately I love the grey tile and it will be in my mud room hallway and my laundry.

    Because the quartzite is more expensive I wanted to use as much as possible from the Taj slab to make it worthwhile. I knew the slab would look great with my other two cabinet choices.

    Suzyq53 I am awaiting the exact measurements for my counters. My new KD (last one left a few weeks ago due to illness) says she is getting ten extra inches in the laundry room!

    Master bath is 72x 25 (we have bump outs), Laundry room she believes is 88"x22" and guest is 36" vanity.

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