Please help me with my fall order

September 7, 2019

This is going to be an epic set of lists, sorry. It´s time for my annual request for input.

I am trying to get a quarter acre flower farm started here in NW Spain, and find that the roses are what give me the most joy to grow. So I´m ordering more, lots more. My criteria are cut flower suitability, fragrance, and disease resistance, in that order. Everything gets blackspot here, I´ll have to up my prevention game. I´m no spray, and the climate is 8b to 9a, probably similar to Portland, OR or Shropshire/Somerset?. Wet winters, dry summers.

I´ve already got mostly 2 year old roses:

Brother Cadfael

Munstead Wood


Lady of Shallot


Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Chandos Beauty

Whiter Shade of Pale

F. Mistral

Apricot Nectar


Purple Lodge

So now for new trials, of which I should order 2 each, so I can´t have them all. Can you let me know if these are reasonably good contenders for cutting/repeat/fragrance? (You will see a lot of forum enabled choices here.)



Vanessa Bell

James Galway

Fighting Temeraire

A Shropshire Lad


Lichfield Angel

The Ancient Mariner

The Lark Ascending


English Elegance (never heard of this one, but liked the picture)

Olivia Rose

Sweet Juliet

Lavendar/Mauves - I don´t have any light ones and would like to narrow it down to 2 or 3

Mamie Blue



Blue River

Blue Girl

C. DeGaulles


Florence Dellattre


Lavendar Charm

Lav. Pinocchio

Blue Moon

Weird colors - I don´t really like odd mauve/sepia/grey/ochre roses, but the florists do. Thought about Distant Drums, but Tuincentrum doesn´t offer it. Any thoughts about the following:

Koko Loko

Ginger Syllabub


Creme Caramel


Belle Epoque

And roses I liked the looks of or have been recommended for cut flowers in books/online:

Parfume d´Orleans



Schloss Eutin

Sally Holmes


Also to come is an OGR order. I´m thinking about ordering from Peter Beales before Halloween in case it´s my last chance before Brexit.

My instagram is if you´re interested.

Thank you so much!

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