55+ Communities

Nancy O’Connor
11 months ago

Hi Everyone! I’ll start by saying my post is off topic & probably not for Houzz....but, I thought what the heck. Curious to know if anyone can offer some information about 55+ the South East....perhaps Florida. Time to start thinking about leaving the North East....getting too expensive here. I’m looking for first hand information. If anyone has or is currently living in such a community, or know of someone who does. I’m not 55 ....have a few more years to go...but maybe time to explore for parents.
Particularly, single family condominiums or homes/ townhomes. Do not want to be neighbors upstairs/downstairs. I should assisted living needed. I’m thinking gated type of communities. I’ve read articles that state these communities are ideal for people who are getting up in age & don’t want to live in apartments. Still desire a private home and possibly where you pay HOA certain things are taken care of, like landscaping, etc.
Any input is much appreciated!
Thank You

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