Summer 2020 part 2 : beauty all around us

Hello everyone!!! I see the other thread was getting super long , but full of such gorgeous pics!! Please keep em coming !

Summer is flying right by if you ask me . Let’s keep sharing our beautiful gardens and life stories here and encourage one another .

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  • Diane Brakefield
    2 days ago

    Thanks for starting the new thread, Lily, and what a lovely photo above. It's fresh as springtime. The lavender companions are perfect with the rose. Can you tell what your plants are? I have tons of rose photos, but I don't want to "flood" this thread. I think I'll start out with some unusual hummingbird photos, taking by a friend of my son in law's. I only wish I could take pics like these. These are baby hummingbirds being fed my their mother. Diane

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  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley
    2 days ago

    Tthose are the sweetest pics!!!! Lilyfinch, did I miss the name of that gorgeous rose? Here, it's rain, rain, rain! 2' on Wed. and it's barely stopped since, but my cuttings love it! Stuff is starting to rebloom after a late dead-head pruning. This year New Dawn didn't even bother waiting for haircut. Most things have grown some semblance of leaves after their weird freeze-back, those that didn't died . It sure made planting out easier. For the first time EVER, ALL my roses are in the ground until the Fall. There are a couple I'll be transplanting, but that's by choice. I'm trying to focus on "important" projects so I can sit on the porch next year and enjoy the garden. BS has been rampant all year. Things could be worse. Thanks Lilyfinch for hanging in there and hosting again! I hope the heat breaks for you guys.

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  • Minshen (8b/9a Victoria BC)
    2 days ago
    last modified: 2 days ago

    Sorry for the picture bombing! I really enjoyed photographing my garden this afternoon ;)

    Queen of sweden


    Lions fairytale

    floral fairytale

    Abe Darby in different lights

    Another Abe in a pot

    Easy spirit

    Jude the obscure

    All dressed up putting on a show

    Earth angel


    La rose de Molinard


    Madame Anisette

    And the ever blooming icecap

  • Minshen (8b/9a Victoria BC)
    2 days ago
    last modified: 2 days ago

    Now some wider shots of the garden:

    Some perennials:

    And I didn’t know weigelas would rebloom in the middle of summer!

  • berrypie7
    2 days ago
    last modified: 18 hours ago

    Thanks again Lilyfinch, these kinds of threads are among my favorite to read every day.

    Diane, Amazing hummingbird photos, I can't get over it, that's something you don't see every day- unless of course you're the guy who took the photos. To see the Mom and babies in the nest in person must have been so breathtaking.

    The hummingbirds here go crazy over Nepeta ( Catmint ) if you have a good place to plant some where they aren't disturbed while trying to eat. My catmint is right by the hose faucet, they get so mad and give me a good talking to for getting in their way.

  • berrypie7
    2 days ago
    last modified: 2 days ago

    Wow Minshen, gorgeous flowers.

    So beautiful of Abe Darby, and your Madame Anisette is incredible, she looks like little Vogue faces posing for the camera.

    Vaporvac, i would be so happy to have all my roses planted like you accomplished. I have ghetto 5 gallon white bakery buckets in the yard, my neighbors do not appreciate it. I'm a hillbilly. They are lucky it's flowers and not rusted old cars.

  • rosecanadian
    2 days ago

    Lilyfinch - that is a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS picture!!! Swoon!!! Thanks for starting a new thread. :) I really appreciate it! And yes, one more month of summer...maybe a few weeks into Sept. Dang...appreciate it, Carol!! :) Oh my goodness!!!! I've GOT to show those hummingbird pictures to my daughter, Holly!! She'll love them!!

    Vaporvac - good plan...enjoy the garden!! We all need to do that more. :)

    Minshen - so do your Alwnick Rose blooms have a wonderful raspberry fragrance?? When I grew it...mine would occasionally have that raspberry fragrance...but not very often. You have some roses with real blooming power!! I think Olivia is my favorite!! :) Are those Astilbes...the pink lilac looking blooms? Wonderful!!! And are the salmon colored flowers dahlias? Lilies!!!! Oh how I wish I could grow those again!!! Thanks so much for showing them!!!

    Berrypie - Oh sweet heavens...what a wonderful picture of your hummingbird!!! I didn't know that they loved catmint. I'm going to send that picture to my daughter too! true...rusted cars and broken fences, etc..

    I saw a beautiful orange dragonfly today on one of my rose blooms. I ran in to get my camera and when I came back it was gone. Darn. It was so magical to see such a tiny bit of wonder!!!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
    2 days ago

    Diane, are the hummingbird photos taken in your yard? SO sweet. I've read hummer's nests are only about 2" in diameter. Doesn't seem possible.

    Now, we want to see your rose photos.

    Vapor, every year, my goal is to get everything done by the end of June so we can just use the garden for pleasure, but as usual, I'm still working like crazy. I don't think I'll ever reach that goal.

    Minshen, what Diane meant about not flooding the thread is that after we reach Houzz's unspecified limit, the thread starts to malfunction and we have trouble posting comments and photos and then they start disappearing.

    Wishing you all a cooler day tomorrow (except for Vapor, who needs a dryer day) so we can all get in a good day's gardening.

  • mark_roeder 4B NE Iowa
    2 days ago
    last modified: 2 days ago

    So positive. My rose garden is completely eaten by Japanese Beetles. I did harvest about one-gallon of Rattlesnake beans today, The beetles are on the bean leaves, but not as much as they have consumed my roses. I estimate I harvested 500 Japanese beetles August 1 on 34 rose bushes, and on my climbing beans. Probably 25 beetles were on my beans. You do the rose math.

  • Diane Brakefield
    2 days ago

    I don't really like to read that, Mark. I'm sorry about the beetles--the bums finish off the roses and start on the beans. Ugh. Here, it's been weather--wind and heat that really ruin things. Rattlesnake beans sound pretty interesting. Do you have photos? Diane

  • Nick 10bSW17
    last modified: yesterday

    Thanks for the new thread, I kept avoiding the old one due to the size, but I need to go back and catch up!

    Diane, you made my morning! I keep wishing I'd find a hummingbird nest in my yard, I get a lot of visitors, but so far I haven't found one.

    My garden is in a bit of a transition, this is the time of year when some of my accent plants (eryngium, helenium, hydrangeas, rudbeckia etc) begin to shine, and my roses don't need to do all the heavy lifting.

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22

    Diane: I love it when you flood the thread with all the wonderful pics of your garden. Worse case scenario... we start a part 3 of this thread. 😉 Those hummingbird photos are so cool! I noticed that the number of hummingbirds visiting me this year have significantly declined from the previous years... and I can’t figure out why. I have a large purple sky flower tree in my backyard... and I’d watch them from my kitchen window. But this year... they seemed to have all disappeared... whereas I used to see them almost daily.

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22

    Minshen: the photo bombs from your garden always delight me. Your garden has such a light, ethereal feel to it... everything is just so lovely. My garden is in a total transition phase right now... all my most prolific roses have to be moved... and they’re struggling with the transition. So it’s nice to come here an enjoy your flourishing gardens and get inspiration as I plan my new garden space.

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22

    Nick: I love the interplay between your roses and the other flowers and plants in your garden. There are so many interesting and lovely things to look at. Your garden is so playful and whimsical. Did you plant anytime from seed or where they all plants from the nursery. I would love to get a more detailed tour of your garden if you’re up for it... maybe a separate post of a garden tour?!?

  • Diane Brakefield

    Those photos are absolutely gorgeous, Nick, and from the looks of your first photo, your roses are doing some really heavy lifting. Beautiful. And you grow a lot of the perennials that I do, and I agree that now is their time in the sun.

    Ann, thank you so much. My hummingbird population varies from year to year. This year is just average. Do you have feeder(s) for the hummers? You get a more consistent population, I think, when feeders are available. Do you have photos of your purple skyflower tree? It sounds gorgeous, but probably can't take our winters, darn it.

    Flowers and Nick, I have to confess that those photos aren't from our yard (I think, but I'll check). I certainly didn't take the photos, but wish I could take the credit--ha. Diane

  • Lisa Adams

    What wonderful eye candy to see this morning! Minshen, although I love all your roses, that hydrangea really caught my attention today. The Hydrangea paniculatas just don’t do all that well here. We don’t get enough winter cold for them. I have the paniculata ‘Little Lime’ here in a container. I’ve kept it on the shaded patio and it blooms each year right about now. I like the smaller blooms for bouquets, and it’s small enough for the container life. I wish I knew of a mini version of what you’re growing. I’d love to grow that pink and white confection. It reminds me so much of cotton candy. There goes my sweet tooth talking again! Jen,(Lilyfinch) and I must have spent 20 minutes making each other crave naughty food the other night. Why can’t that stuff be good for us? Better to plant sweet plants, I guess.
    All the hummers are adorable. What amazing pictures your son in law took, Diane! I love seeing the hummers and they come in low enough for Millie to get a good look too. She can’t catch them, but it’s fun to watch her think she can!
    Nick your Sea Holly is such a brilliant blue! Mine isn’t as bright, and most of it bloomed months ago. I wonder if I should find a brighter cultivar? I’m in So CA zone 10a. I’m not sure that all cultivars do equally well here.
    Jen(Lilyfinch) came over last Saturday and did some gardening work here. I don’t know what felt better, having her do some much needed chores, or having a real live visitor! It was SO wonderful to have her here to chat with. She really can pump out the work! Boy, I was impressed. I was worn out just from watching her, and that’s no joke. I had to go in and lay down for a bit because I felt so exhausted. I didn’t even DO the work, and I was worn out. I can’t imagine having so much energy and strength. She’s such a wonderful person and friend. I’m ever so grateful that she came to help in my jungle. I asked her to deadhead Evelyn, since she’s on the slope and I don’t dare attempt the slope yet. She got right up there and was done in a jiffy. New Evelyn blooms should be on the way shortly. It’s crazy to think that we were friends here on the forum for years, and suddenly her husband’s work moved them from TN to So CA. I do wish we lived a bit closer. The freeway traffic is horrible between our houses.
    I feel like all my time is spent watering, pulling what weeds I can, and deadheading. I guess it’s just that time of year. We “only” have 3 or 4 months of this stuff left to endure. I’m hoping for an early fall, but it seems to come later each year. Really, we seem to be skipping fall altogether lately. We go from hot, dry Santa Ana conditions to winter in the span of a week. It’s often mid to late November by the time things cool down.
    I need to switch some hoses around. I’m submitting this in case I lose it all. That’s been happening way too often to me in the last month or so. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon. Lisa

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  • Minshen (8b/9a Victoria BC)

    Thanks everyone! What a joy to be able to share pics of my garden with you guys, and see all your beautiful plants!

    Berrypie — Madame Anisette is a real beauty here. I only planted her barefoot last fall, and she’s already quite big (one cane probably 6’ tall), with super clean foliage, I planted Abe Darby right beside her, whose foliage is so riddled with BS right now that it looks kind of funny how two adjacent roses can differ so much in health!

    Rosecanadian — Yes my alnwick always has that refreshing raspberry scent. I love his flower power a lot, just wish the bloom stay put a bit longer. The lilac colored flowers youre referring to are speedwell/veronicas. They do look like astilbes! And yes those are coral colored dahlias. My first year growing them and I’m quite in love!

    Nick — oh my! I love your garden, The plants pair so well with those stone stairs. I wish my house has more of those stone elements. They look so elegant,

    Ann — thank you for the kind words. We built the house anew so we had a blank slate to work with three years ago. I grew up in an apartment and this is actually my very first garden. I’ve made so many mistakes and wasted a lot of money and energy along the way but I’m enjoying it a lot. One of the biggest mistakes I made that still needs addressing is that I grossly underestimated the size of each plant, especially roses. Or at least I thought they wouldn’t reach their mature size so quickly. So now a lot of areas in my garden are over crowded. I will have to relocate/give away a few of those this fall, which I think would set them back quite a bit. So I totally get what you meant by a transitioning phase, because mine is constantly so ;)

    Lisa — I’m glad you like the hydrangea paniculata too. It really is one of my favourite plants in the garden. The blooms begin as creamy white, gradually turn into a pink-ombré effect, and eventually get to a nice saturated pink color allover. I think the variety is called “strawberry vanilla”, and I bought it in standard form which I believe is a result of grafting but I’m not sure, it doesn’t take too much space this way and should do fine in a bigger pot too. I also have two “little lime”s, but they dont bloom as well for me here as the strawberry vanilla. I know a similar variety is called “bobo“. Maybe you can go check them out in your local nursery :)

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
    last modified: yesterday

    Nick, I love your cheery garden and the exuberance of it. If I'm going to ever achieve that, I have to get over my fear of yellow. A garden of pink and peach doesn't quite have the same happy, welcoming feel.

    Lisa, so nice to hear from you. I agree it was a blessing you didn't expect when Lilyfinch landed in your neck of the woods. A blessing for her, too, to move close to a friend. You're looking at months of summer left and I'm looking at weeks. We've lost so much of it to this heat but still enough time left for maybe a second flush if I can get my act together and deadhead and feed.

    There are some newish small hydrangeas you should be able to grow. Summer Crush is only 18 - 36" and rated to z9. Should be happy on your shaded patio, if it's not too deep a color.

    Your CA bred orlaya is doing fine up here in the northwoods. I LOVE it. It overwintered like it was used to northern winters and handles triple digit heat without pause. I'm already harvesting seed from the first ones and will scatter them around other areas.

    Hope your baby granddaughter and mommy are doing well. How's Millie? Photos?

    Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca thanked flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Lisa, I'm glad you got some help from LF! I'm exhausted just reading about it! Minshen and Diane, gorgeous as usual! Nick, LOVE seeing these full shots, but I'm wondering what is the lovely apricot/orange rose in your first pic? These gardens are like paintings!

    Flowers, berrypie and Diane, I'm so happy to have the roses planted. 55 pot pets last year and I don't know how many this year. Fewer than I'd hoped since so many got frozen out and died. : (( Like everyone else, I'm sure I'll never finish. What gardener does since once one project is done, another planting idea comes along? My goal has been to plant the extant beds and get the rest of the yard to the point where I can just mow the whole thing. The steep hill is any issue on its own, but I at least have carpet and cardboard keeping down the weeds. Now I have to do the boring, but necessary stuff like redo the porch roof, fix the concrete steps and fountain, paint the exterior... either time-consuming or pricey especially for an old house. I can do the work so have tried to get ahead on the gardening to start these projects. Maybe someday I'll be able to post wide-shots from more than one angle!!! I'm always afraid some neighbor will post a rant on here of my house and my friends will join in.

    Lisa, I'm so pleased to hear that Millie is enjoying some time outdoors. I love that little one. ))

  • Severe_Novice Zone 7B GA
    last modified: yesterday

    All these pictures are breathtaking. Minshen and Nick, you have spectacular gardens!

    PS: Nick, may I ask - what area are you in? I am not sure what 10b means. :)

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22

    Diane Brakefield: Here’s my Purple Sky flower tree. It normally grows as a shrub... but we pruned it and trained it to grow into a multi-trunk tree form. It’s the only plant that’s not being moved during our renovation. It attracts tons of butterflies and hummingbirds (most years). I actually saw a hummingbird today feeding from it for the first time in a while.

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  • Nick 10bSW17

    Thank you all for the kind words, one of the joys of gardening for me is the never-ending experimenting I get to do. I haven't seen as many different types of bees as I have this year, I feel like I must be doing something right.

    Ann- I've grown a few from seeds, but mostly I get plants from the nursery, I don't like waiting on a seed that turns out to be a dud. It's also easier for me to visualize a small plant when I'm plugging holes vs actually planning ahead.

    Lisa- This sea holly has always performed later in the season compared to another variety I have. Sorry I don't know the name of this one, I've had it too long for the tag to still be around.

    Vaporvac- It's 'Rosie the Riveter. I get a range of colors from mine. My first flush in the spring she's an ugly buff, but once it starts warming up, deeper orange and red tones come out. I wish I'd get the beautiful tones Ben gets out of his in TX.

    Severe- I'm in San Francisco, USDA has 10b as 35-40F winter temps. I typically don't get much over the mid-60s-70s most of the summer, I should warm up a bit more the next couple months for our true summer.

  • cyndita (west coast zone 9)

    Nick - I’m also in the Bay Area, but am in a different microclimate - every time I see your or Helen’s photos, I start dreaming about moving to a more garden friendly spot!

    As always, everyone’s photos are an inspiration! (Ann - that purple tree flower is amazing - I can see why you didn’t try to move it!)

    Here’s a recent Reine des Violettes photo - I just got it this spring from ARE, and suspect I’m going to regret planting it in a pot, but for now I’m enjoying it...

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  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca
    Original Author

    Ohhhh my gosh I am sooo green with envy !!! These pics are amazing!! From everyone . Minshen your garden is amazing. 3 years ?! And for some reason your photos make your garden sparkle . You have an excellent eye for photos .

    Nick Really knows how to pack in all the color and excitement !! Wow !! Your garden is so alive and vibrant .

    Diane , please do flood the thread with your pics . Your roses are always amazing! My cover pic is Chicago peace with pentas and angelonia . :) i thought the colors seemed appropriate for the season .

    Do we think 200 is where a new thread should begin? What is everyone thoughts . Will someone do the fall thread ? I don’t want to hog the seasons til Jim gets back !!

    And jim , please keep on chatting with us. You are family!!

    It was my absolute pleasure to help you Lisa! I wish I could do more . My poor husband is not used to the rhythm of caring for both kids . I had told him I will be done around 2 . At 1:55 he was “checking in “ 😂 . It was so wonderful to see you Lisa and Millie of course .

    I hope soon we can do it again !

    Ann , I had to show my husband your beautiful tree !!! I have one of those plants in a small pot ! I had no idea, none whatsoever it would grow into that fabulous tree!! Looks like I need a bigger pot . I adore the hummers too. Do you have room for an “Amistad “ salvia ? I have a plant of it , and it is one of their favorites. I’ve been collecting hummingbird plants .

    I’m actually torn , because my amistad has grown so big. It’s about 5-6 ft tall . It is blocking my eden and quicksilver. I have no idea where to move it to . It’s about to rebloom .. so I guess I can’t move it now .. but I really don’t have room anywhere ?! Lol story of my life

    Carol , I wanted to say I love alllll the beautiful photos you have posted on your thread . Your garden is so gorgeous and I’m so glad you came back to the forums and we get to see your pics !! You deserve a round of applause!!!

    Vapor , I don’t think anyone will ever be done !! Lol I try to tell myself no more!! Then back again at the garden center I go .

    Mark , I’m so sorry to read about all the beetles . Ugh !! They are so frustrating! Will you get one more flush before winter I hope !?

    Ok I’m posting and will probably be adding more . I’m so sorry if I missed anyone, please know I love the pics . My kids keep me so busy ( why do they want 3 meals and snacks a day ? Lol ) but I am here and loving it all .

    Some random pics :

    Bathsheba still my favorite!

    I need to look tomorrow and see what else to take pics of . It’s been a while and I’ve been hyper critical in this heat . Lol

  • rosecanadian
    last modified: yesterday

    Mark - blech...JBs are so prolific!! I can't imagine how awful it must be to see those b*st*rds ruining all of your roses! :( :(

    And, I've never heard of Rattlesnake beans before. I'm going to google. Okay...I see now. :)

    Nick - your gardens are exquisite!!! What a lovely mixture of flowers!! I love your Sea Holly and your metal all of those orange/pink Rudbeckia (???)! An amazing feat of planning and gardening! Read my response to Lisa. :) It is sooo nice to hear that your bees are doing better! What a paradise you've created for them. :)

    Ann -'s a shame that the hummers are declining in your area. :( But, I just saw your picture of your shrub/tree!!! It's soooooooooooooo beautiful!!! What a delight to have hummers and butterflies darting around those beautiful flowers!!!

    Lisa - I'm so happy that you had a wonderful visit with Jen and that she was a dynamo in your garden! Go Jen!!! I'm like you...I get exhausted just following my husband around as he does stuff. LOL I agree with you about Nick's Sea Holly...I need to get some. I always thought that Sea Holly would be sparpse and ugly...but his is glorious!!!

    Flowers - I agree...only weeks left of summer. I can extend it a bit with taking some roses in and out of the garage.'s still almost over. Dang.

    Vaporvac - I'm tired just thinking of all the work you have planned. My husband is rebuilding our deck...I sit in a chair and watch him and chat. :)

    Cyndiata - that's such a lovely bloom!! :)

    Jen - are so sweet!! Thank you! I loved what you wrote about kids wanting 3 meals and snacks. I remember when mine were young...I so wanted to go and garden. Kids do keep a parent busy...quite often the mom. :) That butterfly is enormously gorgeous!!! We never get them here as far as I know. Your Bathsheba is such a lovely color and it's stuffed with petals! :)

    We're pretty hot here right now...28C/82F. I melt when I go outside. I know it's not that hot for a lot of you...but during winter...I shine! LOL

  • sara_ann-z6bok
    23 hours ago
    last modified: 23 hours ago

    I love your beautiful opening picture, Lilyfinch, and Minshen and Nick your gardens are so lovely!

    Diane, I would love it if you flooded this thread with your pictures!

    This Crape Myrtle is from my daughter’s yard. It was in bad shape when they moved there about two years ago. I love the red color, it’s one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Crape Myrtles are everywhere in my area this time of year.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley
    21 hours ago

    S-A, love those crepe myrtles!!! We grow those here, but in a harder winter they will get killed back or even killed outright. Maybe I should risk it after seeing yours. Berrypie, I forgot to say you gave me a big belly laugh with your bakery bucket storage as I had mine all in 5 gal. paint buckets! You can imagine how attractive tens of those were in the yard! I was also hoping the flowers were a distraction. At least I tried to keep them all white, but did "colour coordinate" a few being particularly proud of Ch-Ching in a yellow bucket! :0 One problem my friend discovered was they make it convenient for someone to steal them!!! He had someone take one from his drive next to the public access path. I said to remove the handles next year. Geez. Minshen, after reading your garden is only three years old I think I need to find one of those buckets to go dunk my head in. Lisa, do look into the Bobo Hydrangea which is white, and a pink small one called 'Early Rosa' as they both stay petite here where they can really put on size due to our rain.

  • sara_ann-z6bok
    16 hours ago
    last modified: 15 hours ago

    Thank you Vaporvac, I’m very fond of the that shade of red. I’ve also seen some very pretty purple ones.

    My daughter’s family did a photo shoot right before the oldest granddaughter moved to Oregon.

    My two granddaughters

    My four grandsons

    And my adorable great niece, Vivienne.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley
    15 hours ago

    OMG! What an adorable family!

  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.
    15 hours ago

    Wonderful photos! :-)

    My 3 pets and I are adjusting to our new living conditions. lol

    I'm basically in a bedroom with 3 Hey I'm grateful... :-)

    All is good! :-) Just have to get this prostate cancer situation figured out. No call yet for a new appt.

  • towandaaz
    14 hours ago
    last modified: 14 hours ago

    Diane, I LOVE those hummer photos. So adorable. I feed them here and we have tons. The Rufys just showed up like they do every year and bully the Annas. I wish I could find a hummer nest. I know they’re here but I just haven’t been able to find one.

    Mark, when the Japanese Beetles show up it’s me against them with my hose. Hours of fun watching the crazy rose lady spraying her hose water all around.

    Gez, Nick, Mother Nature really has the technicolor going on over at your place. Love it!

    Lily, I think that’s so cool that you were able to visit and assist Lisa. So very sweet of you both to get together like that.

    Lily, Love your photos. Beauty!

    Beautiful photos Sara Ann!

    Jim, your pup’s real a cutie.

    Valencia having a great day:

    Newly born visitor on Strike it Rich:

    Giant Elephant Ear (I'm not sure how I'm getting this to grow in Arizona.)

    Baby lizard (1" gravel to left for sizing) So cute!!!

    Ok, who let this guy in? The dahlias won't be the same.

    I didn't know that preying mantis shed their skin??

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
    10 hours ago

    I tri ed posting 3 times this morning and 3 times it dissapeared.

    This thread is already moving crazy fast

    So many beautiful yards, flowers, bugs and babies. dogs and kids

    Merlena. your family is blessed with beauty and brains

    Nice combination!

    Ben, Lady in Red on another thread is really a glorious red.

    Nick. I love your Rosie. She is on my short list. How long do her blooms last. I have At Last and I love both plant and the color of the blooms but they blow overnight.

    Minshen, your .Madame Anisette is really beautiful. I need something for one side of my trellis, opposite of Quicksilver . Do you think that it would be good on a trellis ?

    Jen. what a generous and kind thing to go lend a hand to Lisa. How do feel about road trips up to Oregon ? Lol Seriously Jennifer, another jewel in what I can only imagine is an already pretty full crown.

    So this morning here is what is not fried

    Young Lycidis, my favorite fragrance

    Moonlight in Paris


    Easy does it

  • CeresMer Zone 7a NJ
    9 hours ago

    I tried posting too and also disappeared lol got too lazy to write all again 🤣

    Ann this is for you, my baby Bolero finally showing some pink! Yeayy

    Minshen, I’m always amazed by how much your garden produces!! I swear your roses are on steroids!!! I need to find your secret sauce!

    Kristine, that moonlight in Paris is 😍. Might have to add her to my list! I lost one of my Olivia’s so was thinking of replacing with Earth Angel, tho it seems mixed review on that one (I’m loving my kordes tho, very healthy). is moonlight a cute shrub? Or does she gets very big, is for the front of the house. Thank you!

  • CeresMer Zone 7a NJ
    9 hours ago

    lavander & blackberry cake I made with lavander from the garden and of course roses...

  • Severe_Novice Zone 7B GA
    8 hours ago


    That cake looks like pure Art. I love it!

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley
    8 hours ago

    When is coffee and dessert? Seriously, that is a work of art. Cake is my favourite..... well, maybe tied to a good pie.

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22
    6 hours ago

    Lilyfinch: I had no idea Amistad Salvia could get that big!?!... 5-6 feet tall???... Wow! You must share some pics of it. I love growing plants that attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. If you want to train your Sky Flower plant into a tree make sure you start selectively pruning it while it’s still young to train it to grow into a tree form... and consider giving it a stake to lean on for support until the “trunks” get thick enough to support their own weight.

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22
    6 hours ago

    CeresMer: Thank you for the photo of your Bolero... I knew it would come through for you. I think we have very similar taste and aesthetics... because “moonlight in Paris” also fight my eye. Your cake!... Oh my goodness... it’s almost too pretty too eat. Do you grow blackberries or are they wild blackberries that you foraged? I also grow lavender that I cook with... what variety do you grow? Have you ever made anything with your roses?... like rose water or rose petal jam or sugared rose petals? I’ve used my Lavender & Roses to make a Lavender+Rose+Honey Kombucha... it’s delicious and one I’ve made several times.

  • Ann-SoCalZ10b SunStZ22
    5 hours ago

    Kristine LeGault: would you mind sharing more about your Moonlight in Paris Rose? I’m so smitten with your photo of this rose. I must know more about it. How is it performing for you? Does it seem to prefer full sun or partial shade? The color on yours appears more white/blush pink than apricot & light gold... does the color sift into more apricot golden tones as it fully opens? Where did you purchase your Moonlight in Paris? Would you mind sharing more photos of it or doing a separate thread about this rose? It’s such a lovely rose... I love how delicate and romantic it looks. What do you think about the fragrance?

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
    5 hours ago

    My Moonlight in Paris was planted late June and it is has taken off. Right now I have 6 blooms

    So I really dont have any idea what it will do

    Did someone say cake lol

    That cake looks good enough to eat.

  • rosecanadian
    5 hours ago
    last modified: 5 hours ago

    Sara-Ann - I've heard of the plant crepe myrtle, but I've never seen one. Do they come in different colors? It's very!! Oh...I just read your comment about there being a purple one. :) You have very handsome/beautiful grandchildren/grand-niece!! I absolutely love that blanket!!! Who ever thought of such a great blanket? Did you make it? Very clever!

    Jim - just the perspective...but Gracie looks very small there! She looks happy, so you're doing a great job! Hopefully, the test will be soon for you, and I hope you find a wonderful and inexpensive house soon. :) ...with room for a lot of roses and running room for your critters.

    twoandaaz - we all have our "crazy rose lady/gent" stories. LOL Sometimes I feel like I should put up a changeable sign to explain what I'm doing. LOL Oh!!! GASP!!!! Your Valencia is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Mine died last year...I really miss it. But, your pictures are better than mine ever were. Don't you find that the blooms last soooo long on the bush? I love, love Valencia!! A praying mantis!!! How cool!!! We don't get those here. So neat! How cool...preying mantis skin! I didn't know that either...and I love the Elephant's Ear!! Gee, I wonder how they picked the name for that plant. LOL :)

    Kristine - lovely roses...and your YL is a queen!! :)

    Ceres - your Bolero has such a silky white color!! Fabulous photo!! I can't believe you made that beautiful cake!!! Looks like it belongs in a magazine! Every single cake I've made looks like a 5 year old made it and iced it. I don't know how you can make such a gorgeous cake? My daughter's 26th birthday is on Wed....and she wants me to make a cake...even knowing how badly it will look. LOL But, we're going to have to postpone it since she is doing her med school stint in the Emerg ward this week...and she treated someone who had COVID with active symptoms. Kedra was in full protective gear...but she wants to be safe for me.

    Stay safe everyone.