Feedback on built-in coffee machines (i.e. Miele)?

3 months ago

We're doing a kitchen remodel and are debating whether to get a built-in coffee machine - most likely a Miele (especially if we can get it plumbed) though I'm considering a Bosch and would be open to other models too. I'm an espresso lover who works from home and regularly makes 2-3 cappuccinos in a day, and I'm torn on whether this is worth doing and would love to hear from others' experiences. Here are my current pros/cons:


- I love the look, and that we'd have it built-in, off the counter

- would be much easier to use than my current espresso machine (not automatic and I'm the only one who can ever use it, since it takes a pretty big learning curve)

- like that it can make a variety of different drinks, including regular coffee - much more useful for guests (and again, my current espresso machine is a pain and time-consuming to use, so I never want to make drinks for anyone else), we could get rid of our basic drip coffee pot.

- while I'm currently the main one in my house drinking coffee, my husband does occasionally, and I'm guessing my 13-year-old daughter will in high school - could be easier to have a more user-friendly machine


- due to Covid, I haven't been able to actually test it out in the appliance store. Does it really make a good cup of espresso/cappuccino? Does it make a decent microfoam? I'm worried I'll be sacrificing quality for convenience (and while I'm OK sacrificing a bit of it, don't want to feel like I'm spending $$$ to get a mediocre cup of coffee). I've heard that fully automatic machines aren't as good.

- expensive

- concerned about maintenance/service - more complicated than if we just have a countertop unit I can bring in somewhere

- I read i some reviews that the Miele only ever makes a lukewarm cup - true??

I'd love to hear anyone's experience pro or con with the Miele or any built-in coffee machine. I was leaning away from getting it, and just having a sort of "appliance garage" built into our shelves where we could put our espresso maker and some other machines to get them out of sight, but now I'm leaning toward getting the built-in and selling my current countertop machine.

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