Dwarf Italian Cypress As Privacy Hedge?

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There are some dwarf Italian Cypress planted along the fence in that I had hopped would eventually provide privacy, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

This in California foothills outside Sacramento.

They were spaced oddly apart with some closer together than others and a couple that never took root properly. If I touch the problem ones, they wobble and are ready to tip over.

Not sure if this can be “fixed” or should I cut my losses, rip them out and start over with either more of the same or a different plant.

The goal is to have privacy for about an additional 10+ feet above the 6 foot fence line, but also not have to trim and prune on any frequent basis.

Can dwarf Italian Cypress be planted very close together where they will touch and create a hedge once they reach fully mature size?

Will they likely survive being pulled out and rearranged with closer spacing or will the trauma make this likely a futile attempt.

I‘m thinking that I may need to start over because I would need to add additional plants to fill in the gaps and the sizes would never be even close to matching.

There are currently 8 plants. I assume I would need at least 12 of these to make a closely spaced privacy hedge.

Would I be better off switching to something else such a narrow variety of arborvitae?

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