Pot Incorporated
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Pot Incorporated is a Vancouver based plant vessel manufacturer and landscape company specializing in container design and fine landscape services. We manufacture premium custom and designed aluminum and stainless steel landscape planters and site furnishings for architects, interior and exterior designers.
Our award winning plant arrangements can be found throughout Vancouver’s distinguished
residential and commercial landscapes.
Contact: Todd Holloway
Location: 419B East 1st Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V7L1B8
Commented: Where is this from Hi there. This is our Era Bowl. Costs vary depending on quantity and options. Starts at about $765. It can be seen here: http://potinc.ca/shop/
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Commented: kind of plants Hi. The tall one is Ficus elastica 'Burgundy'...
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Commented: Red plant and greenery Hi there. The green planters are Lingonberry and Wintergreen. The copper coloured plant is coleus 'Keystone Copper.'
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Commented: Plant i.d. Hi Rachelle. The dark plant is Aeonium 'Swartzkop.'
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Commented: This photo popped out among many!!! The shorter one with the small white flowers is Bacopa 'Snowstorm.' The longer trailing stuff is Variegated ground ivy, Glechoma hederacea 'Variegata.' And yes, this is on the north side of a house. S...
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Commented: What plants were used? Canna 'Tropicanna,' Calibrachoa, Ipomoea 'Blackie,' Cuphea 'Eternal Flame,' Lotus vine, Penisetum rubrum... Can't remember the coleus in the back...
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