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Bed Accessories

Give it up for bed accessories. These diminutive additions to your bedroom can have a huge impact. Looking to add storage under your bed? Give it a lift with bed risers. These tiny little feet give your bed a boost, and some even feature additional plugs and USB ports for charging up those phones and powering your alarm clock. They come in dozens of colors and materials, making it easy to match them to your bedroom décor and color scheme.

Add a touch of romance with a bed canopy and some canopy bed curtains. Attach the canopy frame to your bed and get colorful with layers of gauzy fabric. Your bedroom will be the envy of many a fantasy princess.

While not quite as romantic, sheet straps keep your fitted sheets right where they belong: on your mattress. If you find yours are slipping off in the middle of the night and just don’t want to stay put, clip some sheet straps to them for an easy, non-invasive fix.

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