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Long Curly Hammered Copper Bar Sink
Long Curly Hammered Copper Bar Sinkby Fine Crafts & Imports$939$751.20
This hammered bar copper sink has a very unique design, very versatile to allow the water flow in its natural ways giving you at the same time a wide surface to use. The hole is a standard 3.5 diameter. The border is about 1.5" wide, all the way around it. The deepest part is by the drain and is 4", but the shallower part is only 2" deep, this gives the water a chance to flow freely. The copper sheet is 16 gauge (0.064" thickness). From a copper sheet the wise artisan hands transform it into this unique piece. The hammer footprint is very visible, giving it its own character. The reddish/oxidated texture is characteristic of natural copper when it is cooled down from red-hot temperature using cold water, that specific characteristic is what makes it so beautiful.The techniques used by the copper-smiths is the same one used for several centuries, where no sophisticated tools are used, just the furnace to heat the copper and a hammer to give it the shape. The finish is in a dark brownish color. Along your home decoration, this piece it will add a unique touch to your kitchen making it a very special point of attraction.The patina can be damaged if any abrasive substances stay for long periods of time on the sink surface, because of this, washing it after usage is recommended; besides that, no more maintenance is required." Hand-hammered and mold-cut to perfection Handcrafted by Mexico's Finest Artisans We include 1" long brown screws in all of our hammered copper switch platesRead More