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In terms of textural appeal and visual interest, there’s no window treatment option that compares to Roman blinds. These unique-looking accents come in a variety of materials, colors and styles that make them perfect for any room in the house. If you’re considering adding the elegance of Roman shades to your home, consider the following tips:

Are Roman blinds right for my home?

If you’re looking for a window treatment that has more texture than typical blinds but is lighter than drapery, Roman shades may be just what you need. They allow you to easily customize the amount of privacy you prefer and the light you’d like to block while adding great texture and style.

What styles of Roman shades can I choose from?

Aside from a wide variety of fabrics, prints and colors to choose from, you’ll also have the choice of flat or hobbled Roman blinds. Flat Roman blinds lie perfectly flat when they’re fully extended, adding to a sleek, modern theme. Hobbled Roman shades include excess fabric so the pleats overlap when the shades are closed. The hobbled style is perfect for a softer, more traditional style, plus the excess fabric increases insulation against the cold or heat.

What’s the difference between inside- and outside-mount Roman blinds, and how do I know what size to buy?

When it comes to hanging your Roman shades, you have the option of an inside or outside mount. Your choice comes down to your aesthetic preference and whether you like your shades mounted inside the recessed window frame (inside mount) or outside it, on the wall (outside mount). To determine what size Roman shade you’ll need based on your preference, follow these measurement guidelines:
• Inside mount: Measure the inside of your window frame from top to bottom and left to right, then measure the depth of the window.
• Outside mount: Measure starting from where you want to hang the shade to where you’d like it to end when fully extended, then measure from side to side. Be sure to add 1½ to 3 inches on the sides, top and bottom for overlap.

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