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Founded in San Francisco in 1980, Gast Architects is an eleven-person, service-oriented practice specializing in custom residential homes and renovations, including the sensitive restoration and adaptation of historic properties. We offer comprehensive architectural services and take pride in the close working relationships we develop with our clients in responding to their needs, taste, budget and schedule, while maintaining architectural design excellence. Sustainable design strategies are integral to the design process, and several on our team are experienced LEED Accredited Professionals.

Our projects range in scope from the development of large country properties and inner city whole house renovations to more modest additions to and remodeling of existing housing in styles from warm modern to traditional. We enjoy, and are skilled at, working with the limitations and opportunities inherent in renovating or adding to existing structures. Our long-term relationships with contractors, craftspeople and consultants strengthen the trust and effective team communication necessary for producing superior results.

Having practiced in the Bay Area for decades, we know the local Planning and Building agencies and their staffs, and how to work with them to secure code interpretations before problems arise. We have represented our clients successfully before commissions, design review panels and appeal boards, and are adept at moving our projects through the approvals maze.
San Francisco, US 
Gast Architects 
355 11th Street, Suite 300,
San Francisco,
United States, 94103 
(415) 885-2808 
License #:
CA C-10895; HI AR-11986 
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Going Solar at Home: Solar Panel Basics

Save money on electricity and reduce your carbon footprint by installing photovoltaic panels. This guide will help you get started Full Story
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Nancy Van Natta Associates
Alternative sources like solar will not take care of all our energy needs but offsetting our use of fossil fuels with solar and distributing how we generate energy is not just coffee shop talk any more. If it makes financial sense it's well worth doing. That's how our family looks at it.
10 hours ago     
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J.Russell Bailey

I'm all for finding alternatives to dinosaurian fuel sources, HOWEVER, the phrase you use 'makes financial sense' is KEY to the whole concept, and I would say in intrinsic to the corollary aspect of 'viability'!

Wind and Solar simply cannot supply the energy needs of America: there simply isn't enough generated energy to meet the needs, even if we were able to get the radical enviros to stop with their inane lawsuits stopping the building of more wind and solar farms, and stop with yet more lawsuits stopping the construction of power transmission lines to get that badly needed energy to homes, industry, and businesses!

I'm old enough to remember when many of the same voices NOW screaming about the desert tortoise, some 'endangered' lizard, etc., which 'must' be 'protected' from those wind/solar farms and transmission lines, were also screaming 30, 40, and 50 YEARS ago for the CONSTRUCTION of those same farms and transmission lines!

Those same radical enviro voices PROMISED us that an ICE AGE was coming, that by the year 2000 there would LITERALLY be ZERO fossil fuels left in the ground, and that we had to get rid of paper grocery bags and switch to PLASTIC grocery bags, in order to 'save the planet'!

I'm not asking you to take my word for it, search Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., to find the books and pamphlets they wrote declaring all (and more dire predictions and promises) of the above 'loudly and proudly'!

Obama and his EPA have shut down some 1/3 of the smaller electrical generating coal fired plants, but NOWHERE have I seen that ELECTRICITY DEMAND has gone down by 1/3! Summer is coming on, and when things heat up, people are going to turn on their A/C in CA, AZ, NV, NM, NY, and the rest of the East Coast...........just how many elderly and children are going to die from heat stroke because of the brown outs and quite probably black outs, because of too high a demand and too little sourcing?

This is why I referred to it as 'coffee shop talk', and why I repeatedly linked the whole debate to Real World Terms: people are LITERALLY going to lose their lives because the 'Climate Change' religionists will not engage in honest debate about the issues, quite frankly because were they to so do, their entire phantasy worldview constructs would come tumbling down.

I just want a real, honest, open, and empirical debate about these issues, which is why I really like Houzz so much: real people engaging in real projects under real world circumstances, attempting to achieve goals which may well have started in a coffee shop somewhere, but when those coffee shop ideas exited that realm, real world requirements took hold, and thus, so did the chances of success when honestly and openly faced!

I'm just asking for honest debate, rather than more pie in the sky hyperbole based in emotional irrationality.

9 hours ago   
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March 24, 2014

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