Hand pollinating

7 years ago

I've been trying to master the difficult task of hand pollinating hoyas. Today I tried to pollinate H. lasiantha with it's own pollinia, and I also tried to cross pollinate H. lasiantha with H. carnosa (don't know if this is even possible).

I'm posting some pictures of the pollinia and of the flowers I tried to pollinate - hope someone can tell me if I put the pollinia in the right place, or if I'm doing it all wrong ... I was trying to put the pollinia into the center of the corona, don't know if that is the "sweet spot" or not. lol

H. lasiantha pollinia (about 1 mm long):

H. lasiantha with a pollinia stuck to it:

H. carnosa with a H. lasiantha pollinia "inside" the center of the corona:

Please, share your thoughts on this matter!

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