Can Sinuous Springs be a mark of quality?

12 years ago

Hi, I'm new here. My wife and I are looking for a fabric sectional for our family room and are ready to purchase one from Mathis Bros. in California. It's made by RC Furniture and their area of the store was next to Century, Henredon, Ralph Lauren, Drexel, and Bernhardt (upstairs from Klaussner and other less expensive lines).

The unit weighs a ton (I could barely lift it), the fabric is fab, the cushions are a down blend and the overall craftsmanship seems very nice. However, when I asked about the construction, after the kiln dried, doweled, screwed and glued bit, I was told it uses a sinuous spring system. I'm under the impression from these boards and my parents that tied springs are the be all and end all and sinuous systems are a sign of cost-cutting and lower quality/durability.

I pressed the salesman on this and he checked with the manufacturer's rep at RC who said the sinuous set-up is used on some of their pieces to balance the down blended cushions and they are spaced closer together than most. They have never had any problems relating to them and they and the frame are lifetime warranteed. If you go to their website at

even their diagram shows such a set-up.

This sectional retails for almost $9000 (but is discounted). Is there something fishy going on here or is the "sinuous springs are junk" mantra more a general rule than a certainty? Can a high quality product still employ them in such a way as to shake off the stigma that is usually associated with them? I've only seen one comment here that thinks so and that was, "Actually a quality 5/4 hardwood frame that is designed for using 8 gauge sinous wire springs will outlast almost any 8-way hand tied springs."

Is this a red flag? Or should I feel safe in investing a comparatively large sum in a nice product that uses a maligned method of assembly? We really like it otherwise.

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