Natural Gas Leak....What to do

July 19, 2007

We got our natural gas bill and it was big...much bigger than we expected. I then remembered that people had been saying they smelled something by the pool house. We called the gas company and they came out and alas we had a major leak. I suspect it has always leaked (this is our second summer with the pool and the gas has always been high, but we don't know what to expect being new to pools), but it has gotten worse.

The good news-

We were able to shut the gas to the pool house off separately from the house and they are on two different lines.

We have solar panels (in the process of getting fixed)

We did not have it blow up (with 4th of July fireworks)

No one got hurt

The bad news-

We have to replace the line OR repair it

I am looking for advice on what we should do. The pool was built in 1969 and I am sure that the gas lines are that old. It has been resurfaced since then (my guess is in the 80s), and we are looking to do a major pool renovation in two years. I don't see the point in repairing the line because my thought is that if there is one leak their are bound to be more. Plus, I don't want to dig up cement, etc. where the lines run.

Should we just run new lines to the pool house and be done with it? Should we wait until we do our pool renovation? Other ideas?

Ahhh the woes of pool ownership.

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