Painted Cabinets (factory painted, not self paint)

12 years ago

We are in the early planning stages of a large scale addition that will include an approx 18 x 18 kitchen. Hubby and I both like the look of a "white" kitchen with dark counters and dark wood floors. We moved into this house 2 years ago with an "updated" kitchen with white thermafoil cabs, yellow laminate counters, and vinyl parquait flooring. We swapped out the counters for a steel blue zodiac stone and put down wide-plank dark stained pergo. We really like the look and want to keep something similar in the redo. I am hesitant to go with thermafoil because even though our current cabs looks great for their age, I still think thermafoil in general is "cheap" looking and not really consistent with what we want. Also, our local big box stores carry very cheap looking Thermafoil cabs. We are not sure where these ones came from, but they are obviously not the ones available at Lowes or HD. Lowes sells Kraftmaid and I must admit, even though I have heard horror stories about Kraftmaid, I have also seen some nice kitchens with some of their lines. I love the look of their painted "white" woods (not really true white) especially the canvas and biscotti. HOWEVER, we have 5 young kids and our house has taken a LOT of use and abuse in the two years we have lived here. We have a black painted round table in the kitchen that the kids eat quick meals on. Granted it is a cheaply made and cheaply finished table from Target, but the black paint is all but worn off in several areas and it looks awful. I am sure a lot of it could be remedied if hubby had sealed it with poly like I asked him to before we used it, but alas his free time is non-existent. He is worried that a painted cabinet will end up looking like this table in no time with our children. Can people with painted kitchen cabinets comment on their durability? Can you let me know the brand as well? we found a local cabinet maker who will do custom cabinets for a very reasonable price, but we are worried that his painted finish won't be as durable as a commercially applied one. Any suggestions?


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