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Remodel project "unearths" an amaZing ! embellished coffered ceiling!

Gregory Greenwood Construction
July 22, 2015
last modified: July 22, 2015
BEFORE ... (Appears someone had previously attempted to "warm" up the room (??) by closing off the recessed ceiling areas. But wait 'til you see what's underneath!)

AFTER: An amaZing embellished coffered ceiling was found hidden underneath all that ceiling paneling during the living room remodel of this Gregory Greenwood Construction project.
AFTER: An amaZing embellished coffered ceiling was found hidden underneath all that ceiling paneling during the living room remodel of this Gregory Greenwood Construction project.

NOW, this is truly a warm, cozy & inviting space! Agreed?

Comments (36)

  • PRO
    Stecki Construction

    The ceiling is amazing!

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Stecki Construction
  • PRO
    Orderly Drawer


    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Orderly Drawer
  • PRO
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Kelly Madden - Kootenia Homes
  • PRO

    Wow! Who would ever want to cover that up? Beautiful detail

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked GreenSmartDecor
  • PRO
    May Construction, Inc.

    Wow! Absolutely amazing!

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked May Construction, Inc.
  • miacometlady
    I don't understand. What was closed off. I see 'beams' painted brown... All you did was paint. Am I missing something obvious?
  • PRO

    Elegant and inviting, great discovery and wonderfully finished.

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked theClaybender
  • Shannon Cox
    What is that paint color? Amazing transformation!
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Shannon Cox
  • Mark

    @miacometlady here is a big difference you are not seeing. The ceiling :)

    The room is just beautiful. Everything is so warm and inviting.

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Mark
  • ninigret

    mia may have had the same problem as i did....the after pics hadnt shown up when i first saw this. and second saw this. and third saw this. now days later, there are after pics showing for me. (wasnt on all yesterday, dont know when they apparead)

  • countrylark
    @miacometlady - it is tricky to see the change. The beautiful details were covered up by flat panels inserted into each square. You can see this in the brown beam photo compared to the all white versions. The interior of each square is now revealed and each is beautifully rich with detail.
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked countrylark
  • miacometlady


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  • miacometlady

    It reminds me of the introduction in the first season of Nicole Curtis (HGTV Rehab Addict) as she is tearing off board that is covering up staircase and she exclaims, "Why in the bleep would anyone cover that up!"

  • PRO
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked OTM Designs & Remodeling Inc.
  • Miranda Rose
    I liked literally every comment here! That's just stunning!
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Miranda Rose
  • chookchook2

    Beautiful ceiling.

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked chookchook2
  • PRO
    Drawer Essentials
    Wow. That's gorgeous!
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Drawer Essentials
  • PRO
    Michael Lee, Inc

    Fantastic find for sure - i love it!

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Michael Lee, Inc
  • karielen

    Tremendous - and what a find, such wonderful detailed molding. The room looks beautiful!

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked karielen
  • PRO
    Gregory Greenwood Construction

    AFTER PHOTO: A large Spanish inspired iron chandelier now hangs from the ceiling to accent the room’s main point of interest.

    Thank you for all your positive comments. This truly was a great story. We all thought “what
    a beautiful ceiling” when they bought the house. With much trepidation, we
    decided to make holes in the ceiling to install new can lights centered in a
    few of the panels. The worker cut the first round hole and looked up and saw a
    lot of detail. They decided to remove the entire panel only to discover
    beautiful plaster work and moulding up inside. They removed a couple other
    panels in other parts of the room to see if it was consistent throughout. It
    was. So the client gave the go-ahead to take out all the panels and restore the
    existing ornate plaster coffered ceiling. Most of it was in excellent
    condition, so although it was a lot of work because of the intricacy, little
    repair was required. Then it all got a fresh paint job and came out like new.
    This ceiling really is the jewel of the house!

  • PRO
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Addition Building & Design, Inc.
  • PRO
    Park Slope Design

    Love this! Reminds me of Santa Fe, New Mexico elegant design

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Park Slope Design
  • sabra900
    Amazing! If I was the owner I would have burst into tears of joy finding that !
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked sabra900
  • Thara Earles

    It looks classy! The lighting provided a gradient-like color to the walls, excellent choice of chairs! Stunning!


    Öländska Hus - For all your building needs!

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Thara Earles
  • PRO

    The chandelier is to small for the space. The ceiling detail is stunning, a dream space to work with.

  • Erica Lynett

    Can we see more pics of the ceiling itself please?

  • pbutler111

    It always astonishes me what people will consider ugly or otherwise undesirable and will cover up or discard altogether. When we first saw the real estate listing (these are the photos from that listing) for the 1930 Tudor we eventually bought, we were charmed by the original light fixtures in the dining room and library, ornate metal (bronze? brass?)

    filigree with delicate amber slip shades. But when we actually walked through the house, these light fixtures were gone. It turns out that the lady who was selling the house -- the widow of the grandson of the man who built the house in 1930; we're the first person to own it outside that family -- never liked those fixtures, and assumed potential buyers would dislike them, too. So she had them removed and replaced with modern fixtures from Home Depot. Luckily I asked about them just in time; she had them in a box set to be put out with the trash the next day. These fixtures are worth thousands of dollars, and the slip shades are next to impossible to replace! Needless to say, we asked for her to save the fixtures, and they are now all polished up and right back where they belong!

  • PRO
    Kustom Home Design

    What an amazing find. A dream come true!

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked Kustom Home Design
  • pdk920

    Wonderful discovery, and it's great that they were in good shape. It really is shocking and sad what people will rip out, cover up or simply toss out in the name of "improving" a place.

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked pdk920
  • PRO
    Design Directives, LLC

    How fortunate that the beautiful ceiling was saved! How old is it? It is fabulous workmanship.

  • PRO
    Gregory Greenwood Construction

    Ceiling is from late 1920's!

  • pdk920

    How wonderful that they were only covered rather than being "gutted."

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked pdk920
  • PRO
    Gregory Greenwood Construction
    Close-up of Ceiling -- Before & After

  • tooky58

    What a find! What possess people to cover up those kinds of details? Went from house to home & is probably the most commented-on feature of the home.

    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked tooky58
  • MotherOfGiants
    What an amazingly beautiful ceiling!

    Perhaps the person who had it covered felt it was too ornate? Or that she'd lose her mind if she dusted all the details again? ;)

    Regardless, how fortunate it was preserved!
    Gregory Greenwood Construction thanked MotherOfGiants

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