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Vinyl plank flooring in non climate controlled house

7 years ago

I have a 110 year old farm house out in the country where my family goes on weekends. We usually have a lot of work to do around the place, clearing brush, dead trees, controlled pasture burning in spring, etc. We get dirty and I want a flooring that is as durable and easy to clean as the vinyl sheet flooring that is currently there, which is white (and yellow due to discoloration) since the 1970's.

My issue that keeps me from pulling the trigger is that we do not have central heat and air in this house. We have a wood burning stove on a stove pad in one room and gas heaters (butane) in the kitchen and bathroom. All rooms have window units for A/C. It gets cold there inside in the winters and hot in the summers. We get condensation and sweat in the house when we are not there and regulating the temperatures.

I am considering Armstrong Luxury plank flooring that either has the sticky edge or the full sticky plank. But I worry that in Texas summers, when it is hot out, we may have some issues.

We have a place in Colorado at over 10K ft elevation with vinyl glue down wood looking 12x12 tiles that are glue down and have been in place since 1986. Again, not temperature regulated. Wood burning stove and baseboard electric heaters are the only heat source. No A/C. It gets to mid 80's in summer and many degrees below 0 in winter. We go snowmobiling in March, then summer and fall jeeping/hiking.

Is there a vinyl plank glue down floor out there instead of the sticky edge or stick down?

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