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What color to paint vanity??

January 13, 2017
So this vanity is off white rest of trim is white..... and floor is a brown granite.... what color should we do to tie it together? Bright white? Dark charcoal??

Something more modern.....

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  • despinetho

    Suggest White to tie the trims and the sink and other sanitary ware. More importantly the floor needs updating ... change to a dark tone woodgrain vinyl planks ( if you like wooden floor effect) or ceramic floor tiles.

  • despinetho

    For sure ... those lights have to go. Get white LED vanity lights with brushed nickle finish

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  • judygilpin

    I'm out of here.......too many conflicting ideas. If I were really a homeowner that needed ideas, I'd probably withdraw my request. Is this another "Fake" predicament?

  • otto katz

    Hee hee hee! I like photoshop. But the walls are really yellow in the picture, so I had to just use white for the vanity.

  • otto katz

    And, red.

  • glacierspeed

    Paint vanity 2 shades lighter than floor and area above paneling same color. Update light fixture and change hardware on vanity

  • Anne Duke
    Buy a new one. That one isn't worth painting. People change out kitchen cabinets without pause. Changing the vanity is a piece of cake . Get her done.
  • M

    I vote to paint it black and update the light fixture

  • PRO
    Interior Directions by Susan Prestia, Allied ASID

    Many looks are correct, How long do you plan to live there? Would be nice to change to a cleaner line floating cabinet with under lighting

    .If budget doesn't allow that at this time There are other options. Gray(SW Gauntlet Gray,SW Proper Gray) is good. Matching your trim is safe. Your towel color would be awesome or combine colors. Inserts can be fun also.

  • rstyping

    I would go totally white, including towels, bath mats, etc. Since you have a dark countertop, I'd use darker pulls

  • Mark Brunner
    White, and update the hardware.
  • PRO
    deborah brink

    I would suggest, as it is a small bathroom to make the vanity white w/ chrome hardware, as well mirror frame too in keeping with sink colour. This will lighten the look and tie in together. If possible, countertop should be lightened up also, maybe soft grey marble look. Light fixture should be updated, chrome and more simple ( less number of lights), smaller than overall mirror size. The floor is too dark and closes in the room visually, so suggest soft grey porcelain tile 12 x 12 straight lines and use as base board as well about 4" h with brushed metal strip to cap off. Not knowing your bathtub situation, you could carry the same tile as floor to the walls surrounding the tub w/ narrow coloured grey grout and add alcove inserts for amenities ( great space saver). If using a shower curtain keep design/colour simple and muted in white and grey using a curved rod. Walls could be painted a greyed white but very subtle so as to keep the room visually bigger looking but not all white. Window looks dated, so changing up to single frosted glass side slider would add clean updated look ( no other window treatment needed). Lastly, colour will be in your towels. Certainly blue is a good choice, but a more current colour, like a soft powder, blue, grey ( spa like) would be more appropriate.

  • jbtanyderi
    Paint the vanity to match the counter top.
  • Veronica

    My vote is WHITE as well and white towels. Certainly take down that old style toilet paper holder. Add Glass type hardware which you can get in some fun colors that pick up that hint of green/blue you have.

  • timglidden
    Started priming it last night.... it's going white. Thanks for all the help! Removed toilet paper roll. Need new mirror - may go brass with these brass handles... with a few other brass accents.

    Or should I keep it silver e.g. brushed/ chrome
  • Natasa Savva
    carefully painted in bright white, i would also replace the handles with more modern style handles in stainless steel and paint mirror frame white
  • Natasa Savva
    carefully painted in bright white, i would also replace the handles with more modern style handles in stainless steel and paint mirror frame white
  • Natasa Savva
    carefully painted in bright white, i would also replace the handles with more modern style handles in stainless steel and paint mirror frame white
  • PattyO

    I'm a fan of this Granny Smith green:

  • PRO
    LW Interiors

    My idea would be to keep all the hardware the same finish as the faucets. The mirror could be white or a silver finish.

  • Allison Burnfield McAteer

    I think this is temp change.. . go bold. If you don't like it you can repaint it. I love the green above.

  • timglidden
    I went all white.....
  • timglidden
    The problem was the floor was brown marble and the counter top black granite. Too many colors so I went all white to match the trim... looks better in person ... lighting, mirror and hardware next.
  • crabbygirl
    Mettalic silver by Ralph Lauren paint
    Try a sample on the side it will give a jewel box look
  • PRO

    I like the white you went with. Should u decide to change it I would go with a gray/blue.

  • shirlpp

    Good - It looks good. Keep it moving on what is needed next.

  • emmarene9

    Much better, you made a good choice.

  • christeenb
    I had a similar colored vanity and a dark wood floor. I replaced grout in the white tile, hung a new mirror, lights with white shades and painted the vanity "mahogany". A few new knobs and I love it.
  • gilda friedman

    I would do same as walls,keep the brushed nickel or pewter hardware. NO brass or gold. Donate the towels and mat. If you feel you must have a mat,then make it blend with floor so it does not stand out. Another way to go would be to paint the vanity a dark but not black to blend in with counter top. The idea is to have it blend in with walls( White) or counter top( dark)

  • PRO
    InterDesign Studio

    I would go with a rich Taupe for the cabinetry, similar to photo below:

    Benjamin Moore

    2108-50 'Silver Fox'

    BOY'S BATHROOM · More Info

    BOY'S BATHROOM · More Info

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  • kay kin

    the vanity looks great! and i thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson- this site is nuts!! i asked if anyone built/changed the roof on a quonset hut and got accused of trying to get FREE professional help which could not have been further from my question. FYI- your question shows up on the bottom of some pages- just saw it again yesterday, so maybe contact the houzz offices and get it removed.

  • Natalie Barone

    I vote a light to medium shade of gray. I will work with the floors and counters and still make your sinks and walls pop.

  • timglidden
    Thanks for all the help!!!

    I Painted it white already- I'll update pics when I change out cabinet hardware and repaint mirror surround.
  • berczymom

    Your vanity is very traditional. The beadboard walls are country. The sinks, window, mirror are modern. There is too much happening in this room.

    Advice-Go Modern-

    remove the beadboard on the walls and chair rail.

    Take off the doors of your vanity. Flip them around to the flat side and reinstall the hinges. Repaint the vanity and the walls in a color you love, but goes with the floor.

  • Kathy Glow

    Bright white

  • PRO
    Interior Analysis

    I THINK YOU ARE DRIVING YOURSELF CRAZY, With all these different thoughts you will never be able to make a decision.

  • timglidden
    Already did. I went bright white- sorry how do I close a discussion:)?
  • kay kin

    tim- your question shows up as a side line in some articles. saw it about a week ago or so. contact houzz somehow and have it removed- you must be going nuts?

  • Grace Klein

    I would paint it a total accent color....like the blue of the towels; I'd also paint the ceiling that same color.

  • Maryanna Don

    Since the bathroom is quite small and the floor and countertop are dark, I think white vanity is best but I would change knobs to black glass and update light fixture. There is an interesting one on Josh and ??? which is chrome with black metal shades. Might want to change tp holder. Then you can accessorize or paint upper walls grey or leave white and use various colored towels & mat. I don't think you need to change vanity but might experiment painting it white with antique/rubbed effect.

  • PRO
    Enfort Homes

    White pleases most!

  • Jessel Alejo

    I would definitely suggest the same white as the walls just as others have commented! It would really improve the space overall.

  • whynotdecorate

    Bright white...and sorry but the light fixture looks pretty dated.

  • PRO
    Alfred and Mary Interior Design, Inc.

    I notice black countertop. As long as you are going to paint, buy sample of Sherwin Williams Spatial White, it's a white with a kiss of gray. (if you don't like it, you can try another color) Spray paint the knobs, lots of metallic paints out there. Good luck, you have a nice start.

  • Maven

    Change the window sills: the dark color is a distraction and raises the focus from the vanity. They should match the wall or be similar. Dark mirror frame should also be changed but not painted white. Try buying something totally different, maybe chrome or stainless that ties in with new hardware. I like the idea of turning the doors over so that you have a slab front to work with. As for color, whatever you do, coordinate the bathroom with the color scheme in the rest of the house.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    see if you can go up and edit your title. (you can't delete the post after comments have been posted). Edit the title to read, "painted it white. thx for the help!"

  • Maven

    ?????? What do you mean? This is my first time posting.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    maven, It's for the poster. Timglidden. the vanity has already been painted and people keep commenting on what color he should use. so he should change his title so they stop.

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