wisteria advise - training young plant for pergola like structure

2 years ago
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I have a wisteria that is planted against a strong pergola like structure. This is it's second year in place. I have checked a number of sites for information, but still have questions. The structure has four substantial outside beams and three sides are covered in trellis, the front side open where we used to have a glider swing for 3, currently a hammock. My husband put on the trellis - I don't think he understood the nature of wisteria. I planted the wisteria half way back, but now am thinking it should have been planted on the corner, closer to the beam. So naturally it keeps winding into the trellis work, even though I am encouraging it to be supported by the outside heavy beams. OK, wanted to attach photo, but it's in the post below.

Questions. How many stems should I allow to grow from the base of the plant? How can I encourage it to grow to the top of the pergola quickly? What is the best way to secure the stems to the beams? Should l maybe give them a "helper" piece of rope to wrap around then attach them to the beam there is better grip when I tie them in? Should I twine the stems around the beams or encourage them to grow straight up the beams? Should I twine some around the beams and support others in an upright position up the beams? Should I concentrate on attaching all the shoots to the corner post or let some come up along the trellis and battle offshoots? Should I be removing all the side shoots of those around the outside beams to encourage the main stems to beef up and become woody? Should I be removing or trimming all the side shoots to encourage the main stems to beef up and become woody or just get to the top faster?


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