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Building home, must use PPG paints

Gaile R
February 18, 2019

Time to pick out paint colors! I thought it would be fun but I got quickly overwhelmed. I will do one color throughout the home with a white trim (shade of white to be chosen after I choose the wall color).

Our builder uses PPG paints but I'm told they will color match. When I Google PPG paint colors I see next to nothing online. I am interested in very light grayish-beige colors, but wanting to avoid a green look. I am interested in Benjamin Moore's Pale Oak, but our carpeting is a very light gray and I am wondering if Pale Oak is too beige. Has anyone used PPG's Silent Smoke? The builder will put some samples on the walls and that may be one of my choices. I have samples on pasteboard of BM's Edgecomb Gray and SW's Agreeable Gray but they seem darker than I want.

In a roundabout way I'm asking if BM's Pale Oak is gray enough to match a light grayish-beige carpet and if anyone has similar color suggestions for me to compare it to.

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  • mindshift

    I looked up BM's Pale Oak, downloaded the color and sampled it with my photo program. Pale Oak looks beige to me with a golden yellow tone. Beige almost always has a yellow or orange tone beneath the gray. I then entered the RGB numbers into an online program called EasyRGB to see if there were any PPG colors that match. PPG 1027-1 Cocoon is a very good near match, being only a tiny bit darker. The photo below shows a room painted with BM's Pale Oak with the color sample from EasyRGB for Cocoon in the middle. As to whether it will match your carpet I have no idea because I have no photo of the carpet for comparison.

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  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    Do not select colors off a computer screen. View actual paint samples in the type of light you expect to have.

    Get an architect (I did that just for robin).

  • BT

    You dont have to select a PPG color. Go to the shop and ask them. I seems to remember they allow you to select a color from sw, bm, lowes, menards catalogs. Just ask them 5 gal in bm pale oak.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting


    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I am not sure where you are looking but PPG has literally 100s of colors on line to kind of at least narrow it down I happen to think Niagra mist would be a nice choice IMO grayed greens are a much more neutral color than most beiges it allows you to go in any direction you want with other colors.

  • Gaile R

    Thank you all. I tried to edit but it kept saying "page not found". I wanted to say we will have hardwood - Hallmark Monterey Casita in entry, kitchen and great room but the bedrooms and basement will be carpeted which is why I was wondering if anyone had painted Pale Oak with a grayish carpet.

    I will definitely be putting samples on the walls, at the house, I'm just trying to narrow the choices so I don't paint the whole house with different colors, haha.

    Thank you to Mindshift for the EasyRGB site - that will be helpful too.

  • Gaile R

    To Robin - Why? Is there something wrong with PPG? As I said, they can color match, but yes, they use PPG paints.

    I have seen ZERO evidence this builder skimps. Part of the reason we went with them is quality.

  • tiggerlgh

    Ignore Robin they don't know what a track is from tract and have nothing good to say on most posts on here.

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  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    I love PPG. Manor Hall, Manor Hall Timeless, Break Through - good stuff.

    And I love the PPG palette because it is off the beaten path from Ben Moore and SW. Delicate White from PPG is one of my favorite colors of white.

    And EasyRGB is good for lots of things but you absolutely can not use RGB values for anything to do with paint colors.

    RGB is a color space made specifically for computer graphics. RGB refers to red, green and blue channels of light that light up in different proportions to make different colors on your device or computer monitor.

    Again, RGB values have absolutely nothing to do with paint colors. RGB is the completely wrong color space for anything architectural color for many reasons but the biggest reason is it lacks the dimensions of Lightness and Chroma.

    The closest 'match' for Pale Oak in PPG is PPG1025-2 SILENT SMOKE. And it's pretty too.

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  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    This is a bunch of track builders:

  • loobab


  • AnnKH

    Mark, I had that crew in my digestive track once.

  • Gaile R

    Thank you, Lori, I do have Silent Smoke on my list and now you helped me shorten it. Much appreciated!!

    EDIT: May I trouble you for your opinion on what Sherwin Williams shade might be close to the Pale Oak?

  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    SW 7631 CITY LOFT

    But it's not a great match. It's just the closest SW can get to Pale Oak. Don't know how close their custom match is to original Pale Oak, never seen it, never measured it to know.

  • Gaile R

    City Loft looks promising too. I'll have them put all three on a wall and see what looks best. Thank you again. That wasn't even on my radar!

  • Lori

    When I was choosing paint for our home, someone on this site recommended Samplize.com. If you are still in the decision phase and have a few days to ship, I would recommend it. The samples are made with real paint (although I think you could only compare BM, SW and Farrow & Ball) and they are generous with coupons.

    The benefit for me beyond not having to buy countless sample cans is you can move the samples around your space to see each in different lights as well as stick them on corners so you can see how shadows will play with your colors.

    Good luck!

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  • Gaile R

    I just looked at the site and that is fantastic!! I wish I had asked sooner, but I have a few more I want so II will definitely place an order!

  • Gaile R

    If anyone reads this, I am sticking with my choice of Pale Oak but am wanting to do a couple "accent" walls in shades that are darker versions of this color. The color card shows Pale Oak on top so I'm not sure where to go from there. Also picking white trim/cabinet colors and am leaning toward BM's Simply White.

  • Kate R

    Our builder is using PPG as well. I have looked at their colors but their website is a little frustrating. When I search a color it gives me an error. I have the Harmony Deck - Silent Smoke looks promising but I see so little on PPG paint colors, it is frustrating. I guess I'll get a sample and compare it to Agreeable Gray. Did you go with Pale Oak? That one is going to be too beige for me, i think, but I love the color!!

  • Dana

    Our builder used PPG as well. I told them I wanted the color of BM Revere Pewter and they just colour matched it for me.

  • Jared William

    We are currently painting PPG color matched SW Alabaster. I don't think it has the same coverage as SW. The overall color is great but we could see the seams in the ceiling through the first coat.

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