Help, what brand of white quartz countertop for my new galley kitchen?

August 11, 2019

Hi, it's time to pick a countertop this week for our 1960's galley kitchen remodel!! I am overwhelmed with all the choices! I brought many white and light color samples home from a recommended fabricator and installer. Some look good- Silestone "Iconic White", suede finish only matched, Vicostone Advantage "Pure White" and 'Denali". Also Metro Quartz "Absolute White" was the closest match to white cabinets. Cambria "Snowdon White", great with cabinets but probably to busy for floor. See pictures from my not so great phone- (Uppers are gloss white acrylic and bases are med brown oak veneer with horizontal grain.) Floors are the original 1967 Terrazzo in oranges, yellow, soft grays and white (Terrazzo is in kitchen, breakfast area, family room and entry.) I am thinking a white quartz countertop would be the best, not only for the clean style, but to let the floors stand out and then have a colorful tile backsplash to tie the design together. So, is a white the best color? What brand can I trust with so many out there? Or, if I bring in a pattern or veining color, how can I keep that updated MCM ranch feel? Thank you!!

Cooktop side, white gloss cabinets on top, Frig will be on far left. Wall oven/microwave on right end.

Close up of drawer cabinets. Edge pulls are brass to go with floor and other door hardware in home.

Sink (rectangle stainless) side is open to family room. Old vinyl floor in middle still to protect Terrazzo.

Countertop will extend out to family room 10-12" for at least 3 barstools. Sorry about all chairs in background.

Our floor close-up.

Family room, now visible from kitchen. (pic from house listing) Terrazzo was under all this floating laminate. The paneled built-in is a future update or removal. Plus a future new ceiling fan or light.

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    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I would do a simple white quartz and a back painted backsplash in a color you love or to play it safe a color from the floor then some retro colored appliances

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  • loveblackandwhite

    Patricia Colwell Consulting thank you. I'm overwhelmed with so many brands claiming to be the best. Can you recommend a good brand for white quartz?

  • eld6161

    While you are waiting for experts, I just chose a quartz from Silestone.

    Another idea for you to look at if you want a white is Corian.

  • loveblackandwhite

    eld6161 What color white from Silestone did you pick?

  • mvcanada

    Look at Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold. I think it will play nicely with your cabinet colours and the brass pulls. It has just some slight gold veining in it, not overwhelming at all. You'll want to go see it in person, it doesn't show that well on the Silestone website in my opinion. I love it and have plans to use it.

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  • loveblackandwhite

    It is pretty. However, would it take the kitchen design away from an updated MCM Ranch? Are all these long vein countertops that don't look like classic marble, going to look so outdated in just a few years?

  • live_wire_oak

    Designer White Corian. It actually qualifies as a late MCM material. And it’s repairable. Unlike quartz.

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  • loveblackandwhite

    Okay, I will check out Corian also. Just added more to my list :)

  • loveblackandwhite

    Well, looked at Corian yesterday, some were good, but learned it can scratch easier than quartz. So, today, I narrowed down to 3 whites. Vicostone "Pure White", MetroQuartz '"Absolute White" and Silestone "Iconic White" in Suede N-boost finish, since the polished is too white. They all look good with the new cabinets. Fabricator/company where I'm purchasing from said, they are all very similar in quality and manufacturing. They feel however, that Silestone Brand is a small step above the other 2 brands. Well, the MetroQuartz, which I had never heard of, matches perfectly with the high gloss acrylic cabinets, and the Silestone came in lots more $$$. Is MetroQuartz a good choice and trusted brand? I also like the Vicostone. How do I decide?

  • Anne Duke

    Corian is a great choice with the terrazzo floor and the look you’re going for. Scratches are not a common thing and Corian can be buffed out to where you can get it looking brand new again. Quartz can chip and when it does, also a rare thing, it isn’t so easy to repair. Quartz would look good in a solid color, stone lookalikes definitely not.

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  • loveblackandwhite

    Thank you luckyblueeye. I read that thread. Feel bad for her. I want to assume it was a bad fabricator. Sounds, like whatever I choose, I will have to be careful with heavy pots, glass products and wipe up spills. Which I am anyway... Well contractor comes this morning to install can lights now that cabinets are in. New lighting could make my counter choices look different, lol.

  • PRO

    Corian is easy to live with. Unless you have kids that practice cutting out craft projects to with Xacto knives directly on its surface. Even that can be refinished. It never ages badly. It’s softer and warmer than stone.

  • loveblackandwhite

    I do like the way Corian feels and looks. Glacier White sample I got looks the best with my cabinets. I'm still drawn to the polished quartz for a more sleek modern look. Maybe I can do Corian in my 2 bathrooms that will need updating in the future and have the same Terrazzo floors!!

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