Vavoom, Easy Does It, Rosie the Riveter, Camille Passar ? ? ?

last month

I am in the market to replace one of my poorer performing roses. I like them all, but I want to make improvements. What are your thoughts about:


Easy Does It

Rosie the Riveter

Camille Passar

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  • nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska
    last month

    Being in a neighboring state, our climates are not too different. Of the ones you list, Vavoom is definitely not hardy in zone 4 and Easy Does It struggles in my zone unless planted on the warm side of my house (a virtual zone 6). Rosie the Riveter has survived at least one winter in a normal zone 5 spot so it's probably worth at least a try in zone 4, but that is such a tough zone for roses I'd go with something more reliably hardy unless you want to be a test run for such roses. Camille Pissarro hasn't been available for so long I don't think any of us know its hardiness in the US, but I had it once long ago in a more or less normal zone 5 spot and I don't think it lasted a winter so it's a long shot.
    If you want a more reliable rose in the orange color family, I'd take a close look at Garden Delight or others of the Kordes family of roses. Garden Delight is technically only rated to zone 5, but mine is essentially cane hardy in zone 5 and should be pretty robust even in zone 5. It's in the top 20 of my 1000+ roses and it makes a huge 5' boldly colored statement in my yard that is unmatched by most other roses in that color scheme. It might not be quite that large in zone 4, but it should be a good performer and it's a great rebloomer.


  • mark_roeder
    last month


    Thank you.

    I do not lose many roses to winter die back unless they are disease ridden. And, I don't do winter cover, either, I rely on my snow blower for winter cover, and burying the crown to 4-5 inches. Regarding Vavoom, I see complaints about it being disease ridden. What was your experience with disease? I actually like its color so much I have considered it even if it becomes a short term rose.

    I do well at controlling disease when I am persnickety about spray, and cleaning dead material, from the previous year, and putting down mulch. When I am distracted by my job my roses lose out. Last year was good.

  • ratdogheads z5b NH
    last month

    I love Easy Does It! It is, hands down, the most floriferous rose I have ever grown. Love the color and the frilly blooms. I agree with Cynthia that it's a borderline zone 5/6 rose, but if you have good snow cover you might give it a go. Mine is grafted, and like you I plant the crown quite deeply. It's a vigorous grower that bounces back quickly. Disease resistance is about average for a flori. I spray with Honor Guard, and it keeps its foliage.

    Another rose similar to your list that I'm considering this year is Frida Kahlo. I think it's z5 hardy, maybe someone here has experience?

  • seil zone 6b MI
    last month

    Ditto what Nippstress said. Vavoom was a very weak grower even here in zone 6. Barely made it through one winter, didn't rebound well and then promptly died the next. Besides that the real color of it was just ugly (shudder).

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
    last month

    Of those I grow Easy does it and I am in a totally different zone but Easy does it is one of my very favorite roses. It blooms like mad and the changing colors are so striking.

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    Please excuse my upside down trash can

  • mark_roeder
    last month

    Thank you everyone for your input. I like the color of Vavoom. I made an executive decision. I am going with Easy Does It because of your input.

  • R pnwz8a
    last month

    Easy does it .. it is.. most proliferous rose in my garden..

  • sara_ann-z6bok
    last month

    Love those Easy Does It pictures!

    Here‘s another one

  • the_bustopher z6 MO
    last month

    Of those on your list I can only comment on Vavoom and Easy Does It. Vavoom had a bright color for sure, but the poor thing was a blackspot magnet, was not very hardy here, and unfortunately got rose rosette. I hated to get rid of it, but I doubt I will have another one here. Easy Does It is a different story. It is a bright orange blend floribunda in the grand manner that usually bloom one to a stem. I love it, and for me, a garden without it would be incomplete. A row of these would be quite showy. It is a determined survivor for the most part.

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