Coral Dawn is amazing!!!

Karen F
11 days ago

The coral dawn is doing big blooms times three. Wow. May take one off it and put it in a vase. I am not sure if it gets any more buds on it throughout the summer or not. Said it would get less if not in the sun all day. Is in shade in the morning and part of the afternoon. But is in the sun from around 2;30 on. Will have to get another one of the Chinook Sunrise. All the buds have opened on it!!!! Trying to beat the shield rose in doing so :) Can see what it says online about the coral dawn. I don't remember seeing this one at my garden center near me last year. Wonder if it is a new one. Picture doesn't want to post again. Soooo weird. Keep trying. Tried 6 times and is not doing so. Got it on the 8th try. YAY!!!

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