Satin or Semi-Gloss for trim, base moulding, wainscoating?

rj vost
9 days ago

We are repainting our trim, base moulding, wainscoating as a way to freshen up the white. We'll probably use BM White Dove. I have reviewed many posts looking for product and design latest recommendation on both BM product and finish: semi-gloss or satin. Most of the posts are many years old. I imagine products may have improved.

What are your product and finish recommendations for painting trim? BM product? Satin or Semi-gloss?

We have never painted the trim since moving into our home 6 years ago; it appears to be either satin or semi-gloss; hard to say. It's primarily the baseboards that are very beat up.

We did paint the walls 6 years ago using BM Lenox Tan in entry and Shaker Beige throughout hte house (Regal Select Matte).

Thanks for your help!

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