At what point do you lose Quality Coals from wood split too small?

2 months ago

I started Working and Burning Firewood at my home about 1980. My only Little Experience was from visiting my Grandparents. In a Farming Environment vs a City was an adjustment among other learning experiences. Recently I had to cut back on the weight and size of wood Prep and Handling. Basically I split wood above 6” dia and quarter 12” logs. Plus cut some 6” dia logs (basically Red Oak) in 8” Blocks from 16” logs to hold coals longer.

Splitting all with a Donated Rebuilt Log Splitter the last years has been the “Only Way”! Recently I learned I need to lower my Stacks and Wt and Size of wood for Safety. At what point do you lose Quality " Long Burning Coals" from wood split too small. My goal had been long Quality Burns w/o wasting wood and time.

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