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Looking Ahead to ROSALIA

December 3, 2018

Mark your 2019 calendar NOW!

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  • Rosefolly

    It is also a wonderful opportunity for rose growers who came to old roses after Vintage Gardens nursery closed to get to meet Gregg Lowery himself. He is so very knowledgeable.


  • jacqueline9CA

    I have already marked my calendar. However, I have a question perhaps you can answer, Jeri. I read the flyer you posted, and I have a question re understanding the flyer. I am a member of TFOVR, so this question is not for me, but for others. Is this program open to the public, or not? The use of "Who", instead of "Who is Hosting", or something like that, is confusing. Also the "Contact" could be interpreted as saying that you need a reservation, or a ticket, or something. If this is a fundraiser, of course that is fine, but I think more clarity would be helpful. if I found this flyer confusing, I thought others might also, and hope you can clear up my questions, so everyone on here will know the answers.


  • jerijen

    I don't understand what you don't understand, Jackie.

    It says that it is a gathering of rose lovers, and a sale of rare roses. The sale of roses will benefit Friends -- and at the same time aid in the preservation of rare roses through wider distribution.

    Did you miss my earlier post?

    Rosalia 2019:

    A Rose Festival

    The Friends of Vintage Roses will host a
    special event in Sebastopol on May 18, 2019, 11:00 to 3:00 pm.

    Rosalia, the ancient Roman festival of roses,
    is the inspiration for this event, a time to rejoice in the beauty of flowers
    at the peak of Spring, to adorn ourselves and friends with roses, a reminder of
    our connection to the earth, and to dedicate bouquets of roses to those who
    have left this life.

    The purpose of the event is to enlighten, to
    inspire and to delight all who join in on that day, a way of reaching out to
    those in our local community. The Friends want them to stop and smell the

    The Friends mission is to bring attention to
    their ongoing work -- of preserving a collection of living beauty, the
    thousands of roses curated in thier gardens in Sebastopol. they hope to inspire
    all of us to plant, grow and share roses with others. And they hope to
    illustrate very simply how roses have been grown through the ages, and how both
    old and modern roses can be used in the garden.

    The Friends want their fellow Californians to
    learn that roses are survivors, well adapted to our climate and to varying gardening

    The event will take place at Wischemann
    adjacent to the Sebastopol Community and Youth centers, just a few
    blocks from town square and The Barlow.

    Wischemann’s beautiful dance hall will provide
    the setting for an educational display of roses through history with hundreds
    of roses in bouquets.

    The Friends are inviting rose groups in the
    North Bay Area to join in, and to share information about themselves. (Yes.
    The Heritage Roses Group will be there!)
    They will emphasize rose preservation
    groups and the work they are doing to keep roses alive, and to remind the
    public of our rose heritage.

    Friends plan includes a showcase of some
    plantings in cemeteries in Northern California from Sebastopol to Sacramento to
    Mendocino. Roses adorning cemeteries began with the original Rosalia festivals
    in Rome.

    Finally, to inspire more gardens to include
    roses, both old and new, they will stage a large sale of the old and rare roses
    they've propagated from their Sebastopol collection.

    Other North Bay nurseries will join in, to
    offer a much larger plant sale of everything from annuals and perennials to
    shrubs and trees.

    Rosalia will take place on Saturday, May 18,
    -- the day before the Celebration of Old
    Roses in El Cerrito, Sunday, May 19th
    . That amazing event is – and
    has always been -- a must-see. The
    coincidence of the two rose events in one weekend will, we all hope, encourage
    the attendance at both event.

    I know that a lot of folks from other areas and some other states are planning to be there for both gatherings, and I'm looking forward to that.

  • jacqueline9CA

    Thanks, Jeri. That is the sort of thing I thought it was, but the flyer did confuse me. Your post above is perfect, and this is on my calendar.


  • jacqueline9CA

    Just so you know, I invited two friends of mine to attend this with me, and the first question both of them asked me (I sent them the flyer) was if they had to be members of TFOVR to attend. So, I am not the only one confused by this flyer. Perhaps when there is more PR closer to the event it should make it clear that it is open to the public.


  • roseseek

    Jackie, this is being put on by TFOVR as a fund raising effort. They hope to sell plants and memberships to raise funds to support TFOVR. There would be no benefit to limiting it to TFOVR members.

  • jacqueline9CA

    I understand that, but the flyer is obviously confusing people who see it. If it is intended to encourage attendance, I am just suggesting that PR for the event in the future be more clear. There is plenty of time.


  • roseseek

    OK, thanks. Hopefully someone who belongs (I don't) to TFOVR will take that into consideration. My concern was anyone reading here and being sufficiently confused by the discussion they didn't attend when they may otherwise have.

  • jerijen

    Jackie -- Since you are a TFOVR member (I am not) you should discuss your concerns with them?

  • jacqueline9CA

    Good idea, Jeri - I just did that.


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