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Tana Bakker

Great suggestion! Outdoor showers can be a low-maintenance
addition to many different styles of homes. They make the most sense if you
already have a frequently-used backyard or a pool. Outdoor showers can run the
gamut in investment, from a mere $100 to thousands and thousands. It’s all
about what kind of look and feel, that you’re going for. Check out this light
and airy DIY solution

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Love all the ideas ...and what about outdoor toilet facilities ??
I am building a little guest cottage and need a toilet to go along the outdoors ..without needed special piping to connect to the main house ...what are my options gehe such a thing as a small toilet with a built in box ...that can be emptied out in a boat ...?
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Sounds like a composting toilet would be ideal for you. This is one place to start if you are unfamiliar with them...


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