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Karndean Clean Start Cleaning Kit
Karndean Clean Start Cleaning Kitby Karndean$79.29(1)
Get everything that you need to properly care for your Karndean flooring in one place. The Karndean Clean Start Cleaning Kit includes the Karndean Clean, Remove, and Refresh as well as floor care instructions and mop pads. The Karndean Clean Start Cleaning Kit is recommended by Karndean for anyone with Karndean floors. Kit Contents: * Floor Care Guide * Karndean Routine Cleaner 750mL (approx. 25.4 fl. oz.) * Karndean Remove 750mL (approx. 25.4 fl. oz.) * Karndean Refresh 750mL (approx. 25.4 fl. oz.) * White Felt Pads (one 4" x 4", four 1-1/8" round, and sixteen 7/8" round pads) * Remove Pad * Refresh Pad * Blue Mop Head 3.75" x 9" (Mop Handle is not included in this kit) The 750mL bottle of Karndean Routine Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that will cover approximately 1,615 square feet. When using Karndean Routine Cleaner, mix 50mL of the concentrate with 2 gallons of water for the best results. The pH-neutral formula is ideal for Karndean floor maintenance. Karndean Remove is used to remove the finish from your Karndean floor once or twice annually. The 750mL bottle will cover approximately 430 square feet and is mixed one part Karndean Remove to five parts water. For removing old or stubborn polish, you can use the Karndean Remove without diluting the product. Karndean Remove will both remove the finish of your Karndean floor and any dirt or polish that has built up over time. The Karndean Refresh is used after you've finished with the Karndean Remove to reapply a satin finish to your Karndean floor. The satin finish serves both to beautify and protect your flooring. The Karndean Refresh covers approximately 160 square feet and is used undiluted. Detailed floor care instructions for all three steps of Karndean Floor Care are included with the kit.Read More
Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax Polish 400ml, Clear
Fiddes & Sons Supreme Wax Polish 400ml, Clearby Fiddes & Sons$37.24$17.95(9)
Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish by Fiddes & Sons has been specially crafted to enhance the beauty of your wooden furnishing or that sprawling wooden floor. Its application is also very easy and dries up in a matter of minutes. The finish and shine that this wax imparts to wooden articles is just of a supreme quality. Features •One tin contains 400ml of wax •Eight Color Shades •Must be applied only after wood has been scrubbed well with sand paper •Great Results on Bare/Sealed Wood •Toluene Free •Low Odor Preparation: Mixed perfectly to grant a great looking coat and finish to bare or sealed wood. Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish contains a blend of environmentally friendly waxes that naturally brings out the beauty of your wood. It is available in seven different colors, granting significant advantages over other toluene based polishes. Practically odor free, easy to apply and once buffed to the desired soft luster, it provides a depth of finish that is sure to revive the wood as well as protect any original patina. Before application make sure to sand the wood in stages, starting from a medium grit sand paper to a more medium/fine grade. Sand in the direction of the grain whenever possible to ensure the removal of any blemishes and glue residue process is complete. Take care to remove all traces of sanding dust and test the chosen wax on a similar surface to verify the color. Application: Cloth, Brush, Sponge. With the grain, wiping away excess with separate cloth Drying time: Quick Drying, Approximately 3 minutes at room temperatureRead More
Golden Care Teak Protector
Golden Care Teak Protectorby Frontera Furniture$45(1)
Our wood care products, teak cleaners, teak protectors, patinizer, whitener, and teak shield are the finest available, and at the best prices around. New! Lower price for the best teak protector on the market! Our Teak Protector is the best way of maintaining the original reddish tint and luster of new teak, Brazilian Cherry, and other high grade all-weather woods. You should always clean your furniture with Teak Cleaner (sold separately) before applying Protector, in order to remove oil, stains, and discolorations from your wood. Teak Cleaner will remove most stains, oils and discolorations, and lighten the wood considerably. The photo and diagrams below show the three step process if you purchase both Cleaner and Protector. Please note: there is no requirement that you clean or protect your teak or brazilian cherry. If you want your furniture to age to a silvery gray color over the years (gray-brown for brazilian cherry), then do nothing. This product is for those who want to maintain the original wood color over the years. This product will also clean any mildew growth and the mottled appearance that results from mildew over the months and years. The use of this product will restore wood for about one season, depending on the location of the furniture. The protector slows down the natural graying process of teak, brazilian cherry, and other hardwoods when they are left outdoors. This product requires no heavy scrubbing or polishing and takes approximately fifteen minutes to apply. It can be used as often as you wish. Why is Teak Protector Better than Oil or Sealers? First, our Protector maintains the color of teak and brazilian cherry for a longer time. Our Protector lasts up to 4 times longer than oil, and twice as long as "sealers". Second, oils can cause increased mildew growth and the associated mottled appearance and black spots over time, while Protector actually prevents black spots and mildew growth. Third, our Protector is not an oil and is not greasy, so clothes stay clean. Fourth, our Protector gives teak and brazilian cherry a nicer, more natural color after application - teak oils make woods look too dark, while teak sealers often make woods look too red or too orange. Finally, our Protector is 100% water based and safe for the environment (see below). We care about the environment. Our Cleaner is Safe, Non-Toxic, 100% BiodegradableRead More
DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner, Refill Pack
DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner, Refill Packby DAZZ Cleaning Tablets$16.99(1)
Stop wasting money on a new spray bottle (filled mostly with water) each time you run out of cleaner. DAZZ Bathroom Cleaning Tablets let you refill that empty bottle with your own tap water & DAZZ Tablets to make your own high performance, cost effective, environmentally friendly Bathroom cleaner. DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner - Refill Packs include 4 refill packets so you can make four 32-ounce bottles of cleaner. We also include a DAZZ sticker so you can properly label your own bottle. We don't even mind if you use a competitor's empty bottle, just as long as you rinse it out thoroughly. It beats tossing it in the trash! DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner is designed to be a great every day cleaner for showers, tubs, counters, sinks, toilets, and faucets. Specially formulated to remove soap scum, hair products, toothpaste, and other messes you would expect to find in the bathroom. DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner is formulated without bleach or strong acids, so DAZZ safe to use on all surfaces in your bathroom (even your granite counters). Plus, without those harsh, dangerous chemicals, there’s no need for gloves or holding your breath while you clean. You’ll truly enjoy the Tropical Breeze fragrance of DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner. -Works Great – Independently tested at the University of Mass., DAZZ outperformed the leading brands in all categories. -Saves Money – No need to buy a new spray bottle filled mostly with water (some cleaners are up to 96% water), DAZZ lets you buy just what you need… more cleaner. Save up to 75% off of traditional name brand ready-to-use cleaners. -Safe & Natural – DAZZ is carefully formulated with all natural plant and mineral based ingredients. DAZZ is perfect for individuals concerned with toxic cleaners and safe for homes with small children, pets, or people with respiratory issues. It’s PH balanced formula is safe for use on natural stone, stainless steel, brushed nickel, tinted windows, and most all other hard surfaces. Plus, DAZZ’s no-rinse formula means you simply spray and wipe. No need to rinse after cleaning, even on food prep surfaces. -Smells Terrific – Without those typical smelly harsh chemicals, DAZZ is joy to use with its fresh clean fragrances. DAZZ Window & Glass Cleaner delivers a crisp mint scent rather than the strong ammonia & alcohol odor normally associated with that other blue stuff. No need to hold your breath or wear a mask when using DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner. Rather than the suffocating bleach fumes you’re use to experiencing with traditional bathroom cleaners, DAZZ has a delightful Tropical Breeze fragrance that will make you never want to leave your bathroom. And DAZZ All Purpose Cleaner has a Spring Bouquet scent that makes even the toughest cleaning jobs just a little more enjoyable. -Environmentally Sustainable – A lot of companies brag about their cleaners being Green, but never give any thought to the billions of cleaning bottles entering our landfills each year. Safe chemicals are certainly a step in the right direction, but the real environmental problem is all of the plastic waste. DAZZ is truly a Sustainable alternative to the wasteful practice of use-and-discard. -Made in the USA – DAZZ Cleaning Tablets are proudly manufactured and distributed by SunState Laboratories in beautiful Tarpon Springs, Florida.Read More
Prevail Scratch Remover
Prevail Scratch Removerby Metroflor$30.67$21.49(1)
Prevail vinyl floor scratch remover by Metroflor is a great solution for repairing minor scuffs or scratches on your vinyl flooring. Prevail Scratch Remover will help you save money on floor maintenance in addition to restoring the beauty of your vinyl floors. Great for use in both residential and commercial settings, this vinyl floor scratch remover will help reduce the appearance of micro hazing, fine particle abrasion, and other minor surface imperfections. Vinyl floor scratch remover is ideal for use in entryways, areas near or under furniture, and other high traffic areas where damage to your vinyl flooring is most common. Prevail Scratch Remover comes in a convenient 22-ounce bottle with a spray top for easy application. One bottle covers approximately 250-500 square feet, depending on usage habits and application method. Order Prevail Scratch Remover today and get your vinyl floors back into top form! Vinyl Floor Scratch Remover Instructions: * Sweep or vacuum area you are repairing * Shake vinyl floor scratch remover well prior to using * Mist desired area with scratch remover * Allow to set for about 1 minute * Use a clean cloth and rub in direction of grain * Rub clean until product is removed Prevail Scratch Remover Notes: * Prevail Scratch Remover is recommended for use on Prevail vinyl floors * Test the product in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure desired results * Treat small areas of one square foot or less at a time * Do not walk on the surface while wetRead More
Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner, 32 Oz. (Quart)
Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner, 32 Oz. (Quart)by Metroflor$14.99$10.99(3)
1-Step Neutral Floor Cleaner by Metroflor is a great vinyl floor care solution for both commercial and residential settings. This eco-friendly formula contains no sulfates and can be used for routine mopping and daily cleaning as well as heavy-duty scrubbing and long term maintenance. While other vinyl floor care products require rinsing, this one-step neutral cleaner has an ideal, no-rinse formula that will help you save time and money when it comes to cleaning your floors. Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner helps to maintain your floor's finish without leaving behind a film or residue. This neutral cleaner can be used on luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet vinyl, and virtually any other vinyl floor. Prevail 1-Step Neutral Cleaner is available in both a 32 ounce bottle and a gallon size. See the recommended formulas below for damp mopping, heavy scrubbing, or even automatic scrubbers. Damp Mopping Application: * Mix 3-4 oz. of neutral floor cleaner per gallon of water * Mop floor with solution * Let dry * No rinsing necessary Scrubbing Application: * Use 4-6 oz. of neutral floor cleaner per gallon of water for scrubbing * Scrub with light to medium duty brush or pad * Rinse floor with clean water Automatic Scrubber Application: * Mix 2-3 oz. of neutral floor cleaner per gallon of water * Use machine according to normal operating instructions * No rinsing necessary Approximate Coverage: 32 oz. (Quart) * 150-200 square feet 128 oz. (Gallon) * 800 square feetRead More
Woca Oil Refresher, 1-Liter, Natural
Woca Oil Refresher, 1-Liter, Naturalby Woca Denmark$48.30(2)
For maintaining oil finished floors (Available in White and Natural) -Enhances the Natural colour to the wood -WOCA oil Refresher Natural is For Darker wood types. -oil Refresher is an oil/soap combination used For regular cleaning and maintenance -oil Refresher should not be used more than four times per year as this may create unwanted build-up. the WOCA oil Refresher is an all in one cleaning and oiling product For your wood floors. It cleans deeply while adding oil protection all in one step. the WOCA oil Refresher Natural is For Darker wood types and the WOCA oil Refresher White is For lighter wood types. application Area: WOCA oil Refresher is a mild maintenance agent For the cleaning and maintenance of oiled and waxed wood floors. oil Refresher Natural is used For naturally oiled wood floors or For wood floors oiled with Clours oil, whereas WOCA oil Refresher White is expecially suitable For White oiled wood floors. WOCA oil Refresher combines optimum cleaning with a simultaneous re-application of oil. the oil component provides the surface of the wood with an additional mat protective film. the maintenance with oil Refresher may also be carried out only partially. Result: Using WOCA oil Refresher helps the wood preserve its glow and Natural colours even after multiple application, because the oil penetrates the wood and simultaneously generates a new protective mat oil film on the surface. Using a traditional floor soap could give the floor a slightly desiccated appearance, because the soap inevitably absorbes the oil.Read More
Bleu Shoreline Peony Soap
Bleu Shoreline Peony Soapby A'marie's Bath Flower Shop$45
- Bleu Shoreline Vintage Peony: Using an ocean rain petal, this soft blue color and fragrance will turn your bath or shower in to shoreline experience. Inspired in color by the soft blue of the Versailles collection. This one is a perfect spa flower for this spring. - Fragrance: Crisp ozone notes with sea salt. Ocean rain. - This is our fullest flower design with 35 or more hand-cut, hand-pieced petals. Use one petal for an average of 10 hand washes, bathing, shaving, guest soap or a travel soap. The creamy petals moisturize while cleansing. Using a single hand-pieced petal means that the rest of your flower stays together for the next experience. Shimmer tips. Almost 5 inches in diameter and approximately 3 inches high. - Made with goat's milk, coconut oil and mango butter soap. Each flower yields around 300 creamy hand washes or 30 full bath/shower soaps or drop petals in bath water for skin-softening soaks. The petals make wonderful guest and shaving soaps as well. - All of our bath products are handmade with at least 97% natural ingredients. Each is boxed in a nice clear top gift box. We have a variety of fragrances. Each flower is approximately 4 3/4" in diameter. - How long do they last? In the original packaging, they may be stored at room temperature for 18-24 months. Once the packaging is opened, the flower will stay fresh for 12 months. - Shades range from golden peach to tangerine (this flower is made in a small batch and shades may vary)Read More
You can have a beautiful home with elegant furniture, modern appliances and luxury floors and counters, but if it isn't kept clean everything tends to lose its luster. While all-purpose cleaner works well for general cleanup, you're going to want at least a few specialty cleaners for items like windows and mirrors, grout, your oven, stainless steel and more. Here's a quick checklist of some recommended cleaning products for your household kit:

• As mentioned above, all-purpose cleaner is great for tidying up most any surface.

• Windows and mirrors require a special solution to prevent streaking, so grab some window cleaner and tackle that glass.

• As one of the most notable dirty spots in the house, your toilet is going to require some specialty toilet cleaner to not only scrub away all the yucky but sanitize the area, as well.

• Speaking of bathrooms, tile cleaner and grout cleaner can come in very handy when it's time to remove mold and mildew from your shower or bathtub.

• If you like gleaming surfaces on your furniture, grab some furniture polish and use it while you do your regular dusting routine.

• Ovens can be a real pain to clean thanks to layers of baked on grime. A specialty oven cleaner helps break up all the charbroiled leftovers on your oven's insides and racks to make it much easier to wipe down.

• If you have stainless steel surfaces, you're probably well aware that they can amass a load of fingerprints and smudges. Tackle these blemishes with a stainless steel cleaner, which is typically formulated to not leave streaks behind.

• If you have children, pets or just prefer to go organic, natural cleaning products are becoming easier to find each day. These tend to be toxin-free, making your cleaning routine a bit less worrisome. You can find most of the above mentioned specialty and all-purpose cleaners as natural and eco-friendly solutions.

As with any chemicals, even those that are eco-friendly, be sure you follow all instructions and store them out of reach of children and pets. You'll find dozens of cleaning products ranging from glass cleaner to wood and metal polish, plus green cleaning products right here on Houzz. So no more excuses, it's time for a cleaning spree!

Get inspired with our curated ideas for Household Cleaning Products and find the perfect item for every room in your home. With such a wide selection of Household Cleaning Products for sale, from brands like Simple Green, Kingston Brass, and Daddy Van's, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. Shop from Household Cleaning Products, like the the Golden Care Teak Cleaner or the Golden Care Fabric and Upholstery Cleaner With Scrub Pad, while discovering new home products and designs. Whether you’re looking to buy Household Cleaning Products online or get inspiration for your home, you’ll find just what you’re looking for on Houzz.