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Long trip about the aloe garden

12 years ago

This is a small sampling of what there is in my ridiculously overcrowded garden... I just grab a camera and wander about once a week. So this week thought I'd show a few- not too much in flower just yet, but the winter is coming!

Aloe aageodonta

Aloe affinis flowers

Aloe alexandrae (is supposed to grow into a nice tall, vaombe-like tree aloe... but at its current rate of growth, I will not live to see the day)

Aloe berevoana (suckering pale aloe behind the Aloe parallelifolia that just finished flowering at front of pot)

Aloe betsileensis... great plant! Everyone should have one of these... great color and reliable flowerer... here flower is just a few inches along

Aloe brandraaiensis... one of the best of the spotted aloes (that all look alike)... flowers are amazing, though still a week or two until you'll be able to tell

Aloe cameronii in early flower... gets too much water in this location so always a healthy green... not the cool red it gets without any water

Aloe compressa... flower is just sort of opening... small white sphere... not too impressive

Aloe diolii- this is one of my 'canary in a coalmine' aloes... when it's cold enough to do any damage to any plant in the yard, this one will show signs.. very wimpy species when it comes to cold.

Aloe elegans is another reliable and nice bloomer

Aloe fleurentiniorum blooms 3-4x times a year... cool looking plant, too (almost toothless)

And this Aloe flexilifolia is THE most cold sensitive aloe in my garden. It has two flowers now, but to this date it has not had a mature flower... flowers die when temps get below 35F. Maybe this will be the first year it gets there without damage... fingers crossed!

Aloe immaculata... called that since is in the spotted aloe group and has typical spotted aloe flowers... only it has no spots

I think that will be enough for this section or it will take too long to load. Next section coming up...

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