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Contract considerations-what should I require from my contractor?

13 years ago

I can"t find a thread on contracts, and I need help thinking of things to ask of the contractors. There is a pre-bid meeting Friday morning. The architect suggested some things to consider and I've added some of my own. Please, help me think of other things.

Where to park

Where to pee - Porta potty or our bathroom

What (time of day to start & finish) constitutes a work day?

What days of the week may work be done?

Where are materials to be delivered on site?

Recycle demolition materials?

What workers may wear (work without a shirt?)

Smoking-I hate it. I don't want any smoking inside the house. What is reasonable to limit? smoke in construction area or one area of yard?

Radio use on worksite?

Clean up work site daily

There must be lots more I am not thinking of. Help!



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