last year

Big 4-5 inch flowers with a medium smoky fruity fragrance. Cupped and quartered flower form, better than JAYNE AUSTIN, coloring is more beautiful than advertised. Good petal substance & large beautiful shiny leaves... looks like a winner!

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  • Michael H 6b NY

    Beautiful!! Where did you see them?

  • romogen

    At a local independent nursery today. I took a chance and got three of them during the end of bareroot season 50% off. Now I know where to plant them there climbers!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    That is, indeed, a beautiful yellow rose. But, why did they use a name that has already been used too many times! It is descriptive, but it gets confusing when you have to remember the year of introduction or the hybridizer to be sure you're talking about the right rose. In any case, this is a yellow I can live with and will be looking for. It will make lovers of classic HT high centered roses happy as well as those who love old fashioned rumpled centered roses.

  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    Gorgeous!! Curious about the smokey fruit scent ... is that good or bad ? I have this one and am happy I got it

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    What a beautiful rose

    Congrats on the score

  • romogen

    @flowers this one is purportedly a climber like EDEN. I hope it has better rebloom, but I can imagine EDEN & MOONLIGHT lending a romantic air to garden structures.

    @Lily it’s pleasing if you like fruity fragrances. For example, I feel neutral towards the fragrance of JUDE THE OBSCURE. I don’t seek it out, but am glad it has a fragrance versus none. On the other hand, any rose with a heady damask, lemon, myrrh, or floral scent I go out of my way to sniff and as often as possible.

    @Kristine thanks, I totally feel like I scored! However, FRIDA KAHLO looks like a disappointment. I adore Kahlo the artist — what a shame to waste a good name on a mediocre rose. I didn’t take any pictures of it, but the muddy colors aged badly like FOURTH OF JULY or TROPICAL LIGHTNING.

    I wish I had thought to photograph EASY ON THE EYES & EASY TO PLEASE. They are both beautiful floribundas that make a colorful display. ETP has nice cupped flowers and the purple eye of EOTE is remarkable.

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Romogen, I am so glad that you sai d that about Frida Kahlo. I was so close to picking that one up the other day. I' glad that I waited.

  • romogen

    Update: today the flowers have a distinctly strong Tea rose fragrance in the early morning, and the petals have opened up some more. Did I mention they are held proudly upright?

  • Michael H 6b NY

    I need this rose!!

  • Rosylady (PNW zone 8)

    Edmunds is selling this rose and still shipping it bare root. I just bought one!

    I love this color in roses. Thanks for the enabling romogen :)

  • ac91z6

    And it's available own-root!

    NO, I don't need to order any more this year. Excuse while I go try to find my self control!

  • Lisa Adams

    I bought Moonlight Romantica in January at my local nursery. I like it so far. I can’t say that I noticed any smokey fragrance, but it did smell wonderful. Lisa

    First bloom

    romogen thanked Lisa Adams
  • suncoastflowers

    Wowza! That's perfect!

  • Dingo2001 - Z5 Chicagoland

    NIce!! I think I saw this potted at Menards - no blooms yet here though!

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