What exactly are Fast Growing Trees selling as Everbearing Mulberry?

April 26, 2019

Hi, I ordered a so called Everbearing Mulberry Tree from Fast Growing Trees and the description says it is a variety of Morus Nigra with a potential size of 15'h and 10'w. This is the perfect size for my needs and I specifically wanted a M. Nigra. The plant that arrived is on the pictures below. I am confused by its width of the branches and size of the leaves. They are tiny and are nothing like the leaves of Illinoise Everbearing (M. Alba x Rubra), Pakistan (M. Alba) and Black Beauty (M. Nigra) that I grew and which looked pretty similar.
Anybody know if this is how it is supposed to look? I do not really care about the size of the leaves as long as I have the actual M. Nigra with the typical delicious berries and the required size.

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