12th Annual Secret Santa Swap 2019

November 11, 2019

If you would like to sign up for the swap this year, send me an email at secretsantagw14@gmail.com

with your mailing info and my Elf Krystal will be helping me again with recording the info !

Hope everyone had a great year, tell me something about it ! Would love to catch up with everyone ...

1. This will be a wish list swap, please post your TOP 30 wishes ON SECOND THREAD Marked " Secret Santa Swap WISH LISTS"

( also make sure your regular want list is up to date, incase Santa wants to take a Peek !)


***WISH LIST....can be flowers, herbs, or edibles. This is a SEED SWAP ( although Santa may find it in their heart to mail plants, bulbs)

2. Posting a wish list, signs you up to particapate in this swap...deadline to post wishlists will be November 30th

3. pack your seeds and cards as you go, plan on having them ready by

***PLEASE work on your seeds as the wish lists are posted, so you are ready to mail by Dec 5rd ( BUT DONT Mail, you will get a mail date )

4. PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)

Flwrs4ever ( your screen name)

Santa Claus ( your full name)

100 Snow Lane

North Pole 00000

I, __________, have read ALL the rules and understand how the swap works. I will follow all the deadlines and promise to ENJOY this swap :D

( put your name here )

please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.

5. PLEASE include a Christmas card . How you mail , is to your discression. We mostly mailed inside envies with bubble wrap last season...and bubble envies for mulitple seed packs OR large size seeds. Remember to mail the best way you can ! This is all about GIVING in the SPIRIT of the Holidays !

6. PLEASE, send me a list of WHOM you are mailing to...I just need a list of screen names ( NOT, what you are mailing ) , to make sure everyone will be happily surprised. I will need your list by DEC 5th ..so start packin your seeds !! ( This will allow me time to ask a few elves for help , making sure wishes come true ! )

***HOW many you mail to will be kept confidential, it isnt about HOW MANY, it is about the SPIRIT, and the fact that you shared some HOLIDAY CHEER with another !!

7. This is a "secret" swap...but PLEASE put ur return address on the envie..and screen name, so everyone can be thanked :) The secret is to be, until they receive their card !

8. Homemade cards were the best last season...but send store bought, or homemade !! I loved the ones the kids made :)

9. YES....some people may receive multiples of the same seed, but the best part is...it may be a different color, or variety...ALSO,they can use them to trade later !

10. You MUST come to the forum and thank those that mailed cards to you !!!!!!!! Please be thankful and gracious to those that take the time to mail !


COME ON....JOIN THE FUN !!! Let's all enjoy the season together !! HO! HO! HO!

Last year NO ONE got less then 5 cards mailed to them (Thanks to alot of great gardening Elves )

***PLEASE read ALL notes BEFORE posting questions, thanks !


Simplified :

1. Post your Wish list on the thread marked " Secret Santa Swap WISH LISTS" ( NOT this thread, thanks ! and NO chatter on the list thread )

2. Send me your mailing info as PER DIRECTIONS

3. decide how many people you are willing to send to..check their wish lists. pack up seeds

4. put together a Christmas Card with seeds inside.

5. Address envelopes after you receive the address list.

6. Mail cards on DATE SENT to you by Santa



Comments (132)

  • tormato

    I hope I'm not stepping on the toes of the swap's host, but here goes...

    I have about 2,000 (or more, since I've never counted them) varieties of tomatoes. I won't be mailing anything until sometime next week. So, if there any specific varieties or types of tomatoes any of you would like, list up to 10, here, by about Tuesday. I categorize types of tomatoes as: cherries ( grape and currant too), saladette, globe, beefsteak, heart, plum (paste), bi-color (& tricolor), black, blue, green, orange, pink, red, striped, white, determinate, indeterminate, micro (usually 14" and under), "Dwarf Project" indeterminate, and potato leaf (sort of a subcategory for anal retentive tomato growers like myself). :) I may have missed a few categories. If any of this confuses you, just ask for any/all tomatoes.

  • tormato


    "But honestly, I have yet to find a tomato that I didn't like"

    I can fix that.

  • Ladyreneer


    That's very generous of you! Thanks so much! I can't even imagine what 2000 tomatoes looks like! I will have to put a few wishes (Varieties) down and have you choose for me since you're so knowledgeable on this subject! :)

  • Dan Coates

    Tomato, do you know of any tomatoes that would grow as houseplants indoors? I just found out about the micro-plants in one of my seed catalogs, and thought it would be fun to grow some indoors this winter. What do you think? Would it work?

  • nan6b

    Dan, I know it works!

  • tormato


    I have a few "micros" that will work. ;)

  • BenLovesBeets (Zone 7b)


    I would love to try micros, determinates, or any varieties that would work well in containers on patios or indoors. We love saladette, grape, and currant varieties, especially the sweet yellow or orange varieties. Additionally, if you know of a nice, meaty, flavorful variety good for sandwiches or pie that fits the small patio bill Id love any seeds/suggestions! Thanks!!

  • jq_sen39


    Its really amazing that you have 2000 varieties. I am probably aware of 10 varieties (lol). I would really like to try the other tomato varieties and I have listed them (after google search).

    Hopefully I got the names right. It is really generous of you to share them and I really appreciate you sharing if you have extras.

    1. Micro variety

    2. Black tomatoes

    3. White tomatoes

    4. Heart shaped tomatoes

    5. Saladette tomatoes

    6. Tricolor

    7. Blue

    8. Striped

    Thank you :)

  • nan6b

    Tormato, if you have the tomato whose name is "pawpaw," I'd love it. Thanks!

  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland

    Hi everyone ! I will be getting my cards ready this weekend ! This is the best swap ever ! Looking at all the lists, searching thru my seed stash, sending seeds to all my fellow gardeners and thinking about planting is the best way to block out the 40 degree weather outside ! Tormato - I hope you saw that I have tomatoes on my secret santa list hehe... tomatoes are one of our fave things we grow every year. My granddaughters love to pick the cherry tomatoes right off the plants and eat them on the spot when they come for a sleepover in the summer months ;-)

    Ladyreneer , our 5 year old granddaughter is also an Olivia ;-)

  • Susan Nieves

    I am learning so much about tomatoes. I didn't know about the micro tomatoes either!

    I am also sending cards and seeds to all my garden friends. I agree with everyone, this is really the best swap ever!!!

    Our weather in Northeast Ohio has been typical for this time of year, but tomorrow we are supposed to have a little warmup to high 40s and then Monday it will be in the 50s. I am hoping for a little snow for Christmas but until then, I will take these balmy temps.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am also decorating the house for the holidays. I don't know if it's just me, but now that the kids are grown and the grandkids are getting older, and we have accumulated so many holiday decorations, I think it is time to start downsizing a bit. We just don't have that same energy. I am going to cut back by about half i think. It becomes overwhelming otherwise with everything else going on this time of year.

  • flwrs4ever62

    Tomato .. ouch, ouch, ouch ! Lol

    this swap is about giving and sharing .. and friendship! Please feel free to share info. Send surprises, chat .. etc

    I would love to see your decorations if anyone is willing to post a photo !

    I had some real bad news this week and could use Holiday Cheer !!

    Susan I don’t decorate at home anymore , it’s just so much work ! When the kids were small I went crazy .. I am working on downsizing as well.

  • val (MA z6)


    What a generous offer! I am looking for these tomatoes and would greatly appreciate any you have to share. I'm growing Tiny Tim in my aerogarden (new this year) and trying other hydroponic growing basil, lettuce, etc and other things in in containers I've made/set up. I'd love to try more micro tomatoes inside as well

    Looking for:

    Tiny tim (want to share with my son, and grow more of these, heard good things


    Sweet 100 (my girlfriend raves about these!)

    Any other micro/dwarf tomatoes for inside and/or containers otuside :D

    Your best/favorite red "old fashioned" red tomato (for my husband who is not adventurous and just wants a good red tomato like his father used to grow :D


    Working on my cards today...BRRRR! Cold temps have me in the 'winter mood'!

  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland

    Hi everyone, I noticed a few people have melon on their wish list. Do you want cantaloupe or watermelon ? Hope everyone is having a great weekend !

  • Ladyreneer

    Hello Tormato,

    Thanks again for your generous offer! I can tomato juice each year and I've been buying the tomatoes so this is rather exciting!

    1. I'd love red tomatoes that are prolific, red & juicy for canning juice

    2. Your favorite cherry tomatoes that my granddaughter will adore!

    3. Big fat tasty tomatoes that are great for slicing & sandwiches

    4. A good regular chunky canning tomato

    5. Dwarf or midget tomatoes that I can grow now inside with my grow lights

    6. I'd like to grow deep purple type tomatoes that aren't too smoky flavored and not mushy. Your favorite!

    7. Any especially pretty and great tasting tomatoes that are slightly tangy & aren't too sweet

    8. Pretty blue or purple tomatoes that you think we'd love

    9. Your favorite and best paste tomatoes for making

    10. Your favorite GIANT-sized tasty tomato

    Thanks so very much, Tormato. I'm so very excited to see what you send!!!

    Garden Hugs,


  • Ladyreneer

    9. ... sauces

  • Ladyreneer

    When will the addresses be made available, please?

  • flwrs4ever62

    Ladyreener address email was sent check your spam folder ..

  • Ladyreneer

    I just checked and I don't see anything. Could someone please resend?

  • jas_il

    tormato, thank you so much for your kind offer. I would love some tomatoes for container like tiny tim, current yellow, white, red please if you have any extras to spare. Thank you so much.

  • SusieQsie_Fla

    Hey Tormato

    I didn't put tomatoes on my Wish List this year because the growing season for tomatoes is so short in Florida. But I would love to try any that you think do well in the extreme heat of summer. Plus any that set blooms early in the season. If there is such a thing, I'd be a Happy Camper......

    Thanks for your generous offer,


  • yotetrapper

    What a generous offer Tormato. I would be interested in:

    Micro tomatoes

    Large heart shaped tomatoes

    Rare potato leaf tomatoes

    Tomatoes that do well in high heat


    Depp's Pink Firefly

    But: Your wish list is very short. Is there nothing else you want? I'd like to send you something.

  • mcc371

    Tormato here is just a few that if you have I have been wanting to try but if not send me any- i like surprises!!

    Pork Chop Tomato

    Yellow Pear Tomato

    Micro Tom Tomato

    Solar Flare Tomato

    Thank you and Wow doesn’t even compare to what I thought when I read 2000!! That is alot of variety there!

  • Kg Tg Zone 6b IL


    I don’t see your name on the address sheet, just your address. I assume you will still get the seeds addressed like this? Just wanted to make sure! Thank you!

  • Theresa Warner
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Happy holidays everyone
  • Theresa Warner
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Well I tried to post a picture of my Christmas tree and it’s just a bunch of gibberish
  • jq_sen39

    Kg Tg

    For some reason it was missing from the spreadsheet.

    Please address it to Gayathri Rao :)


  • flwrs4ever62

    jq-sen39 didn’t give me a name when they sent their address...hence the reason . I have added it.

    browneyedsusan and Hibiscusfan have been added to spreadsheet

    who will be the first to receive a card ?!

  • jq_sen39

    Thanks for adding my name to the spreadsheet.

  • poisondartfrog

    Oops. I didn't read this until after I dropped some cards in the box this morning. I think it will be alright, though. Over the years there have been swappers who were loathe to reveal their real names and as far as I know none of my seeds ever went astray (for that reason).

  • flwrs4ever62

    Poison.. no worries, I said the same thing. There is always someone who doesn’t want their name divulged and we don’t have trouble with mailing just with an address

  • Ladyreneer


    I do have Yellow Pear tomatoes and the seed couldn't be fresher! I just harvested them about 6 weeks ago.

  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio

    Still do not have a spreadsheet!

  • flwrs4ever62

    I have sent you the spreadsheet THREE times , Hibiscusfan.

    can someone else forward to her ?

  • nan6b

    Tomatoville is no more. Tormato & I are now orphans :-(

  • l1oness

    I received a Christmas Tree card today from Dan Coates - thank you Dan!

    Tormato - I'm happy to see you here this year - I noticed there was no MMMM swap this year, and now the website is closed.... Sad stuff.

    Is there any other seeds you would like to receive? Your wish list is super short, but I'd love to send you something.

  • Dan Coates

    You're welcome! I had so much fun mailing a card to everyone last year that I decided to send one out to the people I didn't have seeds for this year. I love making people smile!

  • nan6b

    Thank you Dan Coates, for your lovely & fun Christmas card. (I smiled)

  • tormato


    Thanks for asking. But, it's better that I concentrate on giving rather than receiving seeds this year. The 2,000+ tomatoes, the 100's of beans and peppers and the "extras" that I can't keep track of, were nearly all received, after all.

  • pinkiris

    Dan ... thank you very much for the beautiful card ... wishing you and yours all the best during the holiday season and many blooms in 2020!

  • bxncbx

    Thank you for the card Dan! It's my very first card of the season!

  • Kg Tg Zone 6b IL

    Dan your card is beautiful! It just brightened my day.! So kind of you. Thank you so much! Wishing you a bountiful harvest for 2020! Merry Christmas!

  • hl260

    Dan-thank you for your sweet card. Merry Christmas!

  • hl260

    flwrs4ever62- I don't see your wish list. Did I mis it?

  • tormato


    Many thanks for the card.

    I'll keep looking at it, for it's the perfect reminder that I have to keep packing seeds. :)

  • tormato

    Peppers - A WORD OF CAUTION - those requesting hot peppers will likely receive some "super hot" peppers. These are basically inedible, they are so hot. Even some of the regular hot peppers may at times come close, too. Germination of the super hots can be very poor. The freshest seed may only be 5-10%. Be very careful handling seeds. I finished packing them all, and immediately took a shower.

    Tomatoes - those requesting red "old fashioned flavored" tomatoes will receive a few. This is because I've found very few reds, in my garden, that have great flavor. The "pinks" on the other hand... many tomato enthusiasts like myself, find these the best tasting of all. The difference between a red and a pink is the skin color. Reds have yellow skin, pinks have clear skin. Do not confuse a pink heirloom tomato from your garden, with a pale red tomato from a supermarket in January, even though they may look very much alike. :)

  • smitties

    I received a card from Alana and was thrilled to find Tennessee sounnjng gourd seeds. Now I’m excited fro spring to come. I want to grow these for crafting. So excited. Thank you. Margo

  • Dan Coates

    Seeing people receive my cards is making me smile! It makes me glad I sent them! Spreading positivity instead of negativity just makes the world turn a little smoother, don't you think?

  • Theresa Warner
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Hi everyone!
    I will be putting my Christmas cards and seeds in the mail this weekend. I unexpectedly had two family members come live with me, a week ago Monday. I have been trying to get them settled in and adjusted (myself too )
    So I do apologize for not getting them out as early as I had wanted. But I will this weekend
  • jas_il

    Dan Coates - thank you so much for beautiful card.

    l1oness - thank you so much for lovely card and two toned orange french Marigold and Little gem Lettuce seeds. Can't wait to try them.

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