Hosta I 2019 .......

There are not to many I hostas so please feel free today to post anything you want to. Either your cat, new car

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  • zkathy z7a NC

    Pretty little seedling, Sunny. Is it blue in springtime?

  • sunnywood4bChazyNY

    Zkathy. Thanks it is more blue in spring,but not a lot. Still can’t get the likes to work !

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  • Shadow -4A-NB Canada


    Ivory Coast

    Some Peonies to enjoy.

    I still can not "like" any of the post. But when in reality , I am loving all of the Hostas and Puppies!

    Camera shy, The Bernese Mountain , Zoe, is my garden digger. She goes where I go I guess, When I get the shovel out , she gets excited. LOL . she is proud of her 2 big holes that I have now come to accept has her space.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Really “like” everyone’s pictures! I have a couple to show. First off is a leaf shot of Ivory Coast

    Then IrishLuck at noon, followed by Francee and Luna Moth.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Oops Forgot the pic!

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Island Breeze late in the season

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    And this one cause nothing makes me laugh harder than little kids and their fake drama

  • steve duggins(Z6a) - Central Ohio

    How about an early season Island Breeze and if you look close you can see the red creeping into the leaf on the right.

    and a fall picture with my daughter's favorite new conifer of mine Korean Fir 'Icebreaker' in the bottom right.

    and a trio of Icebreakers at Hidden Lake Gardens

  • old_dirt

    I'll try this once more. My posts all just disappear when I hit submit. For the past week, my likes don't even show up any more.

    Island Breeze, new as a gift this year.


  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    oursteelers..I love drama queen's hair!'s the baby in our family..she does "pouty lip" on command..I said to my niece "maybe she's trying to look like a Kardashian"..

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    nw, so friggin cute! Don’t you just love how much personality they can pack into their little bodies?!?!

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    oursteelers..I know they're so funny!!..she's a ham..7 great grandchildren for my parents..8 grandchildren..the one before her is almost this baby is the center of parents really enjoy her..

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Irish eyes looks interesting...

  • djacobz568sewi

    Saija, your Invincible has a beautiful color....lighter than others. I love your coleus. I grow them every summer in pots, but toss them in fall. Maybe I show try keeping some cuttings like you.

    Peren.all, I am envious of your Indigo. Great blue color.

    Maria, that color on your I. Luck is perfect!

    connyMay, each Ice Age Trail is so unique...I love all three.

    Tiddisolo, can’t decide which I like better, the Ice Follies or the muddie noses.

    ConnieMay, love little Kelso. I have actually found that my indoor/ out cats do very little damage to my hostas. They don’t pee on the hostas or spray on them (neutered boys will still spray outdoors.) They actually love hiding under them and sleeping under them in the summer. Once in awhile I will find a couple of broken leaves when running or chasing happens but it’s minimal.

    zkathy, I love that Inniswood, it is no wonder that sellers have had to restock supplies.

    Inspire Greatness, lovely hosta for a good cause.

    Nicholsworth, nice Invincible and love the receipt from the garden shop!! Haha!

    sunnywood, as usual, you have so many nice ones..... even your seedling. I love Island Breeze. Mine is still young.

    shadow, I love Ivory Coast and it’s on my list already. And like you I also love peonies. I have a number of neighbors that have bushes and bushes of them and they hate them! Which is lucky for me as I only have two myself due to limited sun, so I have been given the freedom to cut them anytime, which I do...:-) I especially love the white/soft pink ones with occasional dark red streaking. I’ll post if possible.

    oursteerers, Irish Luck looks great with your two other hostas. The “Pebbles” ponytail on the grandchild is darling!!

    Steve, your Island Breeze is a nice one and I also like the Ice Breakers. Do they stay that small?

    old dirt, I really like the soft coloring on Infatuation, so subtle.

    Karin, I really love the color and leaf shape on both Inca Gold and a Iron Sky.

  • djacobz568sewi

    Now my Island Breeze

    Sorry, blurred fuzzy flower

    Various coleus

  • djacobz568sewi

    Close up of Island Breeze where you can see the red veining

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    saija, I love all your coleus. I have a few but sometimes I have trouble keeping them through the winter.

    zkathy your Inniswood is beautiful

    sunnywood now I have to add Invincible to my list.

    steve love your Island Breeze

    I also can't like anyones post right now. So this is for everyone... LIKE, LIKE, LIKE

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Here are my pictures

    Ice Prancer - new in fall

    Irish Luck - took a jump this year, I am really liking this one.

    Island Breeze - new in the spring

    Iris - such a short season but love them while they are in bloom

  • Shadow -4A-NB Canada

    we need to see more Drama Cuties !!!! Oursteelers and Nicholsworth , that made my day

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    thanks Shadow..she makes everyone in our family smile..your dogs were so funny turning away from the camera lol..

  • djacobz568sewi

    Beth, Ice Prancer and Irish Luck are both lovely vase shaped hostas.

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Another like from me for the toddler drama!


  • mbug_gw

    zkathy....100% agree on this one....

    Inspire Greatness

    Irish Luck up close

    Ivory Coast

    Island Breeze


  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    Funny jokes today, Paula! Duck, eggs cracked me up, and that guy, lol.

    Dave, I can't tell if your dogs look guilty or are just deadly serious in their endeavors.

    ConnieMay, not only do you have lovely gardens, but you have the dog I want! Kelso looks like a wonderful Sheltie. They're really hard to find around here. You are very lucky!!!

    zkathy, your Inniswood is gorgeous!

    nicholsworth, you find a lot of good funnies! I really can relate to this one!

    old dirt....Yay! Your pics are posting again.

    I could say something to everyone! The furry family members, the kids, the beautiful plants. Such a great group of posters here!

    Imp, a mini


    Island Breeze

    Irish Luck, wasn't so lucky. Damaged by hail! But look how nice the new growth looks. Imagine the whole plant like that. Hopefully next year!

    Ivory Queen ...looked nice last year, but this year the markings are fading. We'll see what happens this coming season.

    My two kitties ....Kitty and Molly

    Kitty is a mellow lap cat and loves to be pet.

    Molly is still the mischief maker. Walking along the edge of our second floor deck is a no-no. Does she care? No. No.

    She has a certain tone of voice that lets me know it's time to turn on her drinking fountain.

    Black Cat and his friend were left behind when neighbors moved. So irresponsible and wrong for people to do that. He was skinny when he found me, but maybe I've fattened him up too much, lol. He has his own heated house in back, but I'd like to find him a forever home.

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    sandyslopes..I like Imp!..tiny and perfect..and your cats are posed perfectly! sister's cats love bathroom faucets too..that must've made you nervous to see Molly on the edge of that deck..

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    There may not be a lot of them but the I’s sure are lookers!!!!!

    And Black Cat has a great face!

  • djacobz568sewi

    I love kitties too! Have rescued many.....they get trapped, neutered and released to where they were caught. At least they can’t make more kitties then. Sandyslopes love seeing your cats and God Bless you for caring for the black cat. It’s unbelievable what people do to cats. Dogs don’t get left on the street, but cats they do. They think they can take can of themselves,but when you have been an indoor cat all your life, you don’t know how to. If they live long enough sometimes they revert to their wild nature and survive by hunting. But there are so dangers outside. The average life of an outdoor cat is about three years. Mine have survived 13, 14, and 15 years but they are so well cared for.

  • djacobz568sewi

    Mbug, just caught your I hostas... I really like Inspire Greatness. How old is that? Your Irish luck is a stunning plant. It seem to have the perfect ruffling and color

  • mbug_gw

    Thanks...Inspire Greatness is about 4 years in that spot....I think it is one of the under the radar hosta, grows quickly and large round leaves give it some character ,,,,....Irish Luck always looks good!

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    The I's are all fabulous. The kids, cats and dogs are priceless!

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    Sunnywood, your seedling is great!

    All the pets are wonderful! Makes me want to have a dog or cat! I had to chuckle Sherry at your referring to your dogs as seniors!

    Shadow, love the camera shy photo!

    Oursteelers, you're right about kids and their "drama." You gave me a laugh and captured that photo at just the right time!

    Steveduggins, those are really cute conifers---along with the Island Breeze.

    Old dirt, the mixture of color on your Island Breeze is really pleasing to the eye.

    Nicholsworth, love that pouting lip!

    Karin another pretty Ice Follies!

    Maria, glad you joined us for the hosta alphabet. Hope to "see" you during the growing season.

    djacob, your grouping and variety of coleus is wonderful!

    Paula, fantastic job at finding the best jokes. Thanks!

    Beth, I didn't know Irish Eyes had such long legs. I like the angle of your photo.

    mbug, all your hosta photos are beautiful.

    Sandyslopes, love that Imp in a pot!

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    One hosta for me.

    Island Breeze. I good dependable grower. I think it looks more attractive if grown in some sun.

    One of the coleus that did well for me:

    Trusty Rusty

    Amaryllis can be very pretty too.

    Aphrodite. Unfortunately lost last season year due to virus. Yup, amaryllis get viruses too. I find it difficult to find nice healthy amaryllis bulbs in my area. So I don't know whether I will ever find a replacement. (insert "pouty lip" and some fake kid drama)

  • djacobz568sewi

    Newhostalady, my Island Breeze is mostly in shade....I wonder about moving it. This will be it’s second full season. Maybe I will see how it does this year. Love your amaryllis!

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    newhostalady..great photography!..the plants look so beautiful..I think I love every coleus that I've ever seen..did you see how many coleus Saija's growing over the winter? pretty..

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    nicholsworth, I couldn't understand why you asked me if I saw Saija's coleus because I had commented on it. But then when I looked at my post, some of my comments weren't there! If it hadn't been for your post, I may not have known that I missed part of my comments. Thanks. I agree coleus are so pretty!

    djacobz, do try the Island Breeze in more sun sometime. The coloring of the leaves will be brighter. Mine only gets a minimum amount of sun. I'd like it to get more, but there is no more room in the garden where there is more sun unfortunately.

    I screwed up with my post above. I had put it in word pad so not to lose it. When I cut and pasted it, I missed some of it. Here is the part that should have appeared along with the post above:

    Saija, I think if I were a hosta, I would like to grow in your garden. That's because I would have as much room as I would like to grow and you keep your garden very neat with mulch. Your coleus look lovely. I really like yours and your whole setup.

    I have developed a love for coleus, but have been frustrated with the limited varieties available here. I can't even find a place that sells seeds other than the more common seeds. Oh well. I'll have to look again in spring.

    Peren.all your Independence is really nice. The white edges make the hosta stand out.

    ConnieMay, you now have three Ice Age Trails! How wonderful!

    Inniswood is a beauty kathy!

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    And as for the "like" button----I use an old laptop in Chrome. My like button wasn't working for a while, but now it is. I think the fact that the button isn't working is a Houzz problem because I didn't do anything different to make it start working again.

  • Saija

    Newhostalady: Thank you. I have gone nuts with coleus last winter, LOL. We have not either many varietes in Finland. In Sweden coleus is big thing and there are many coleus lovers. I'm in Swedish facebook coleus group and I have bought seeds and cuttings from Sweden. It's nice hobby while waiting spring and hostas to emerge ( so late compared many here).

    Todays task is now after work to plant these cuttings :)


  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    Saija..I love your coleus..your latest picture makes me so anxious for summer to come :-)

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    Saija, your coleus are beautiful! You have given me an idea! Maybe I can find a source for coleus on facebook! I will try.

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    newhostalady that would be wonderful if you could find sources for coleus. The selection is limited at nurseries.

  • beverlymnz4

    I is for idea. Here is one I'd like to share. If you have one of those short clematis use an orb - like the ones you can find at the home decor store - to make a trellis. I have no I hostas.

  • StevePA6a

    'Irish Luck' outgrowing everything!

    and some of my favorite coleus from last year.

  • djacobz568sewi

    StevePA, what is the little yellow hosta in front of the Irish Luck bed?

  • zkathy z7a NC

    Nice pics, StevePA! How old are those grass clumps?

  • beverlymnz4

    OOps I do have an "I" hosta, and its going to be a big one:

    Icy Halo

  • StevePA6a

    dj, that's a second year 'Apple Candy' in front, so bright in the spring it's hard to get a pic without the washout effect. Anxious to see if it leaps this year.

    zkathy, I believe those hakones are at least 5 yrs old. They seem to grow very well for me in my heavy, dryish, clayish, soil.

    Nice 'Icy Halo' beverly, hope my newbie grows as nice.

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Beverly I love your clematis idea, I might try it this summer.

    Steve your Irish Luck looks amazing, I love the shine.

  • Esther-B, Zone 7b

    My "I" host is Ivory Queen.

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