Does anyone know where to get Raspberry Ripple Rock Rose Helianthemum

7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

My red colored Rock Rose which I think was Ben Ledi died. I loved it but wanted to get something more pink. Ben Ledi is described as bi-color pink and dark pink but the plant I had in my garden looked red to me.

This is the only zone 5 Helainthemum I can find. If I had Ben Ledi before I don't want to get it again as it was too red.

I love the color of Raspberry Ripple and it is the right zone but so far cannot find it for sale on-line. Does anyone know where it can be gotten?

Now it could be that mine was something like Red Dragon.

If that is the case then Ben Ledi might be just the right color.

Thoughts on whether this is Ben Ledi or something else?

A few more pictures to show it in different lights.

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