Knife stuck in drawer!

Shibu Thomas
6 days ago

We have a knife that somehow (we have no clue how) got stuck in our drawer. There are 2 knife blocks in the drawer, and it's jammed pretty good, like you'll see in the picture of the knife wedged against the top plywood support. I was able to cut out the bottom of the drawer toward the front, and i'm able to get items in there to try to free it, but it's so far back that I can't reach it well. Seems like my only 2 options are to cut out the whole bottom of the drawer, which I don't want to do since both knife blocks just fit. The other option is to somehow remove the drawer front. But I can't figure out how to remove it as it only seems to be held by some sort of clips that attach to the drawer sides.

Yellow arrrow points to the brass and plastic that I think is holding the drawer front on each side. Anyone see this before and know how to remove the drawer front? I checked and there is no other place where it is attached.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated it!

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