Shower door dilemma

12 days ago

Thank your for the niche soap tips - the ridged shelf liner worked great. Unfortunately, the same shower’s glass enclosure exploded when the temps outside went from 25F to 45F in the course of a few hours. House temperature was 52F due to no gas. There is a window in the bathroom which causes a little greenhouse warming effect.
I think the fixed pane shattered because the metal bar holding the semiframeless glass was anchored in a south facing wall and heated up too quickly and warped.s
What shower enclosure should I replace it with? The obvious choice is a glass barn door shower enclosure as there isn’t much clearance in this small bathroom. But I worry that if I did that, there would still be the metal bar on the not moving pane which might explode again.
The other option, I guess, would be a bifold door.
Does anyone have an option? Are there other options I’ve overlooked?
The original enclosure was the free builder option with 1/4” thick glass and the door hits the towel bar.

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