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Stephen Sharp
The premier gift for chefs...Organic, Sustainably Grown, Eco-Friendly Spices in a Wire Bail Earth Friendly Glass Gift Jar! ECO-SPICES ROCK!!!
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Love the acacia wood pepper mill - with a ceramic grinder, no less!

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Kelly Abt

Becky has put together an extensive list of ideas, and here’s another that makes life a little easier. It is called the Bacon Pro. Granted, I am biased, since I’m the inventor and all, but it cooks 23 slices of bacon all at once in the microwave. It is quick, clean, easy, and healthier. The fat drips away. We're talking BLTs for the whole baseball team, so go ahead and invite them over.

This is not some cheap drug store bacon cooker. It is the best bacon cooker ever made. You'll never go back to cooking bacon in the oven or on the stove-top. Check it out at and watch the video about how it works.


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