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Design ideas for a traditional shade landscaping in Chicago.

Lakeside Retreat

Design ideas for a traditional shade landscaping in Chicago. —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (16)

Luann Peterson wrote:April 15, 2012
What are the beautiful large white flowers at the back of the garden(infront of the fence)?

  • PRO
    Koreman Landscape Company
    I agree. We have great luck with "Annabelle's" in our designs. They tend to be a client favorite.
  • mmendes
    Absolutely stunning work!
doojanew wrote:April 25, 2012
Would the plants in front be suitable for shady area. What r purple plants?

  • J Corn
    We have a shade garden in mostly low to deep shade. The Heuchera thrives, perhaps because it is in an established woodland garden?i have no idea why...to be honest. . And, surprisingly, there is some variety of Sedum which does well in our deep shade! But I am moving it.
  • R pnwz8a

    The purple plant isHeuchera.. Thrives in shade

mrsk2plus3 wrote:August 6, 2012
Will those two trees get any bigger? If not, what are they? Love them.

- Looking to landscape my backyard to instill some subtle privacy.

  • PRO
    Arcadia Gardens, LLC
    The dark foliaged tree is a Japanese Maple, the green foliaged one is a Kousa Dogwood. Yes, they'll get bigger, but both take to selective pruning very well.
isamenton wrote:August 10, 2012
What are red flowers ? You used 3 beautiful cultivars of hostas. What are they?

- This is really a beautiful scenery!

  • nance425
    what are the low growing plants w pink flowers to the right of the heucheras?
  • PRO
    Arcadia Gardens, LLC
    They are a groundcover sedum,variety sieboldii
Jb wrote:May 14, 2013
Could you please identify the tall tree with green foliage? Thank you.

J Corn wrote:July 1, 2013
  • J Corn
    Thanks! This is really helpful.
  • swatirawani
    what are the tall flowers by the fence?
kthompson wrote:August 5, 2013
What is the deep red/maroon colored tree on the left?

  • cathwh51
    Japanese maple?
  • PRO
    Arcadia Gardens, LLC
    Yes, it's a cutleaf Japanese Maple to the left, a Kousa Dogwood to the right. I apologize- the varieties escape me.
Donna Rivers wrote:January 21, 2014
kitchen pantry

    jpruch wrote:January 25, 2014
    • PRO
      Arcadia Gardens, LLC
      Those are a very old Arborvitae hedge, located on the neighbor's property.
    Heidi Reesor wrote:April 27, 2014
    • PRO
      Arcadia Gardens, LLC
      Hi Heidi, that tall 'grass' is actually Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'- a Siberian Iris. Thank you!
    ahmedshehata444 wrote:June 3, 2014
    • Michele
      The small purplish plants in front are coral bells.
    • PRO
      TLC Gardens LLC

      The pink flowers in front of the Hostas could be sedum or hardy geraniums to far away to tell. Hydrangeas line the back with Siberian irises in front of the Maple tree on the left.

    amt47 wrote:June 24, 2014
    Can anyone tell me what the depth of the bed would be, fence to front?

      focused wrote:July 2, 2014
      Fabulous lush look. Are the big white flowers snowballs?

      • atka05
        Annabelle hydrengea, I think...
      susansuekumlee wrote:June 14, 2015
      What are the name of the hosta? Are they the giant size?

        alexandrawolf wrote:July 18, 2015
        What is the name of the plant in the front with redish leafs?

        • delatucker
          The reddish plants in the front are coral bells.
        Andrea Shink wrote:September 7, 2015
        • PRO
          Arcadia Gardens, LLC

          I'm sorry, I'm just not familiar enough with drought resistant Zone 10 plants to help with this question, we're a Zone 6, in a region that gets plenty of moisture. I would suggest taking the photo to a landscape designer in your region (APLD can help you locate a designer qualified to help with the water mandate friendly plants!).

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