Cleaning a Suitcase Exterior

14 years ago

I flew on a commercial airline last week and can't believe how dirty my suitcase was when it came off the conveyor belt. I mean, seriously, it practically looks like it was drug behind the luggage cart instead of being loaded on to it. The exterior of the case is a dark tan canvas and leather. I can use some shoe polish on the leather and am not too concerned about the wear (it makes it look weathered, so I guess I'm okay with that) but the canvas has black scuffs on every side and is just filthy. I am not a newbie traveler, but geez, I just can't remember my luggage getting so darned abused. Very disappointing.

Anyone out there know how I can try cleaning this case up a little bit? I'm not expecting miracles, but it's dirty enough to be embarrassing I'd rather not throw this suitcase away after only one trip. Guess I've learned my lesson and won't be buying anymore spendy traveling accessories...


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